What room requests for Courtyard WL?


Earning My Ears
Oct 12, 2006
Well, as I said in my other thread, our trip is "up in the air" now with my grandmother being so ill, but I'm trying to think positively!

So, assuming we still get to go in 10 days, we have a courtyard view room reserved at the WL, I don't have any room requests in because I have no idea what to request? I was thinking 5th floor or so, but does anyone know what I should request to get a great room at WL? We've never stayed there before and I don't know anything about the resort!


Got Quattro?

DIS Veteran
Oct 9, 2004
We have had Courtyard View all 3 times. In various spots each time.

4th or 5th floor are most desirable, and we liked it better clser to the lake and geser :) as opposed to being clser to the hotel lobby.