What park do you enjoy to spend your last night in?


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Dec 26, 2017
We are those people who start and end almost every trip at MK. But last trip we ended at an empty albeit rainy Epcot, and that was pretty amazing.

WVU Disney Fan

Aug 5, 2016
Usually ends up being MK. But just which ever park works out in our plans. We will be ending on DHS on our up coming spring break trip.
  • Erzengel

    DIS Veteran
    Apr 4, 2014
    We arranged our park visits based on food or extra magic hours:

    Got a reservation at the Chef Mickey's or the Contemporary? Let's do MK that day because we can just hop on the monorail, etc.

    If I had to choose though Hollywood Studios especially since I rather finish my vacation with the Star Wars:Galactic Spectacular over everything show except maybe Illuminations.

    Eve & Wall-e

    Jul 18, 2018
    Our last full day we usually do EPCOT and then our last official day (it's only a half day because we fly out at 6pm) we spend at MK. First steps on property and last steps on property are always MK!
    This is us as well. Our last full day is Epcot, staying through the evening. DH has to say goodbye to "the ball" as he calls it. Our last day is a half day at MK, making sure to ride the People Mover one last time, saying goodbye to the castle and one last slow walk down Main Street.


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    Nov 24, 2012
    We've done Epcot twice, this tuti will be AK. I can't do MK last because I would just be too sad to say goodbye to my favorite park and WDW on the same night .,(silly I know)
  • KenHutch

    DIS Veteran
    Jul 7, 2005
    Hollywood Studios is by far my favorite park but we have a standing tradition last day at Magic Kingdom and dinner at Ohana.


    Bill From PA
    Jan 21, 2009
    Since we stay at Board Walk we make our last day a morning at DHS since we can get an early Slinky FP+, then on to Epcot for Food&Wine. The actual last evening we spend at WS and the Board Walk to see the buskers.

    Bill From PA


    1100 miles too far North.
    Feb 2, 2008
    Usually Magic Kingdom is our park for the last day. If, for what ever reason, things don't work out for us to spend our last day in Magic Kingdom, then Epcot will be our last day.

    I think I enjoy both parks for the last day for the same reason. I enjoy the fireworks being the end of the day, and the way the park plays different music after the show, as a sort of goodbye. There is just a feeling like yup, it was a great day, now it is over, good bye old friend that I get from the closing of both of those parks, and don't feel the same way at the closing of AK, or DHS.
  • sponica

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    Oct 16, 2017
    Usually I end at MK not by design, it's just how it works out...

    This trip we changed it up and did AK last day (mainly for the FOP fast passes) and our last meal was Raglan Road in Disney Springs.


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    Sep 26, 2018
    If it's just my husband and I, MK.

    If my boys are with us, we have to start and finish our trips with Hollywood studios.


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    Dec 15, 2014
    We usually pick MK also. I feel it just brings just a little more magic, plus there is so much more to do at that park that we usually want to spend more time there.

    We didn't plan it this way but Epcot is always our first park - probably because we usually arrive in the morning and we can tackle future world in a 1/2 day at epcot.


    DIS Veteran
    Nov 20, 2014
    MK on 1st day and MK on the last day- always!
    On our way out- once the park has closed for the night- my family turns back to look at the castle one more time and we do a group hug.
    Now- that's probably more for mom :) but my family tolerates it!


    DIS Veteran
    Aug 10, 2013
    We leave mid-afternoon on our last day to begin the drive north, but no set park for beginning or end. All depends on what days of the week that we are there, what hours are, dining reservations, etc. We use hours and crowd calendars to pick which park each day. We were APs at Disneyland for long time and, as a result, MK holds less sway with use than it may others. However, if I were looking for a nighttime spectacular to finish the trip, I would lean toward MK fireworks.
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    DIS Veteran
    Jan 12, 2017
    Always begin and end our park days at MK. I like to see the castle one last time before we leave. We drive down and most years after we checkout on our last day we’ll head to MK for
    a few hours and leave for home from there.


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