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Discussion in 'DVC-Mousecellaneous' started by Ms.Mouse, Apr 3, 2006.

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    Jan 8, 2006
    I was using a couple of different sites for my WDW info. Then my sister found DisBoards and directed me here. I was the main planner for our vacation... There were 9 of us in all and I wanted it to be "perfect" so I came here because this site was/is the best....SO...
    When I start deciding that I want to purchase points in DVC, of course, I came here for info...along with the other sites but this was more help. :)

    I want to thank ILuvFlorida8 for all the info he gave me and all of his kindness.

    Now, I want to ask....WHAT IS ALL THIS MEANNESS ABOUT??? AND....WHY???
    I've been reading some of these posts and it's horrible...

    You know, we all bought into different areas for our own reasons...
    12 years extra
    atmosphere of the resort
    etc. etc.

    Who cares????? You know, I paid about $91 per point (don't have the paperwork in front of me) for my BWV DVC when I could have paid $83 for SSR???? Crazy??? You may think so BUT it was worth it to me... And let me tell you, this was a matter of scraping for us for our little 180 pts. We're a hard working mid-class couple. This didn't come easy at all and it was a huge decision. And let me tell you something else.... It was a SSR owner who posted about the lack of sense of purchasing the BWV's!!!... And someone very kind sent me a nice private note to never mind this person's post...so the bashing and rudeness is not from the "mighty BCV/BWV's" alone but the rudeness also extends out from SSR to the others also!!!!!!!

    To see all this cutting down and name calling at times and making fun of each other makes me so sad... this is a great site and we are all ruining it by this bashing each other. I ALMOST LEFT THE BOARDS ALTOGETHER, BUT DECIDED TO TRY FOR JUST A LITTLE WHILE LONGER IN HOPES THAT THINGS CHANGE. :sad2:

    SSR and VWL may not be an area I'd want to purchase...BUT that's my opinion... And if I don't book on time and these are my only choices, you know, I'm going to one of them anyway.... It's WDW for God's sake!!!!! AND EACH DVC HAS IT'S OWN PLUSSES. If I can go to POP and have a great time, I can certainly go to any DVC and have a great time even though it may not be my choice for a purchase ;) (sorry, just trying to lighten up a little). WHY CAN'T WE ACT LIKE GOOD NEIGHBORS AND GET ALONG??????? We are allowing a few to perpetuate this awful behavior and the majority should stop it.

    I don't care who started this..... the BWV owners, the BCV owners, the SSR owners etc. etc.... Most, if not all of us, should have the common sense to STOP THIS FOOLISHNESS and I guess this is my little attempt. :confused3
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    The moderators of the DVC-forum boards are watching the current situation. Some posters have already lost their posting privileges.

    You might want to take a look at THIS THREAD
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    Attackers and Bashers have been here ever since this board started. I was thrown off as well the first time I was attacked. I just didn't expect it. Then on reflection it occurred to me that I shouldn't really be too surprised that attackers and bashers would make an appearace here...they really are everywhere. The anonimity the board provides further invites this behavior simply because there is no accountability except for bannishment. Even then there have been reports of some bannished posters setting up new accounts and posting with new screeen names. Then throw in mob mentality and things can get out of hand.

    I believe moderators do a good job but reality remains that there will always be at least some attackers here. I can state with absolute certainty that attackers will come and go like the weather. Some days will be good, other days bad. I don't really worry too much about this anymore though...like any community the great majority of posters here are good and I prefer to concentrate on the good, not the bad. Don't let them drive you away...if you leave they win.
  4. gammieatwdw

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    Mar 28, 2006
    Great post OP. I'd really like to see what went on here a while back. The mesaage from the mods. thread makes it seem like things were pretty bad here. Another strange thing that has come from this is that any new poster is viewed as a problem or an ex poster. There was a thread with someone posting how excited they were about joining DVC and all the people on the board were accusing her of being former board members. Someone even mentioned my screen name. How sad! A few posters ruin it for everyone.

    Any message board has this type of thing from time to time. Don't let it scare you away. Take all posts with a grain of salt and look for a consensus. Many posts here are made up and you must question the motive. Why all the great SSR reviews? to spur sales? Why all the bad SSR reviews? to stir the pot? Why all the renting points posts? to increase rental rates? All of those have motives behind them. I question them all, frankly.

    Hopefully we will all be able to enjoy this great forum without the accusations and negativity.

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