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    We are going to Disney in two weeks. There are six of us. My two kids, dh, me, MIL and FIL. MIL and FIL are in their own room. I booked everything. The travel agent put my ds in the same room as MIL/FIL (for some reason). It doesn't matter from a sleeping perspective, but when we go out for dinner, are we still the same party? For example, if we had a ressie for six and we each had DDP, how do we pay for this? Do we need to give them a card from our room and from inlaw's room or are all of the credits linked to everyone's card? Does each card have the individual's allocation of credits and therefore we have to use all six cards? I'm trying to understand the logistics of this before we go as I find the whole thing very confusing! Thanks!
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    Here's what you will probably run into.

    You likely have two separate reservations, because you have adults registered in each room. Each reservation will have separate reservation numbers.

    Because your son and his grandparents are registered together in a room, their dining credits will be attached to the key card for that room. The credits for the other group will be attached to the key card for the room they're registered in. Your son's credits will be on a different key card from yours. If your group all eats together, you'll need to present a key card from each room, because your group will not be able to purchase more than 3 meals at once and the other room will not be able to purchase more than 3 meals at once. Indicate to the server whose orders will be related to which key card.

    If the party splits up (your family goes somewhere and the grandparents go somewhere), you'll need to have a key card from the grandparents' room to buy your son a meal with dining credits, because you will not be able to buy any more than 3 meals using a card from your room.

    If you want your son's credits on your room, you'll have to ask the travel agent to move him to your room. It doesn't look like there are capacity issues so I don't know why they put him in the other room in the first place.

    Credits for the entire reservation will be pooled only if you have both rooms under one single Disney reservation number. It's typical of Disney to give separate reservation numbers to any room where there are adults registered - two rooms will be under one reservation number only if the registered occupants of one room are all minors. Because you worked through a travel agent, you will need to ask the travel agent if you have two separate reservations with Disney or just one.
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    All credits are pooled within a room so your DS's credits will be pooled with your MIL's and FIL's credits. If the 6 of you are eating together it shouldn't be a problem as they will take the appropriate number of credits from each card. No matter who is in what room, the server will need to see a KTTW card from each room to settle your bill. If, however, you eat separately, you'll want to keep track of who has used what credits so you don't have any issues.

    Personally, I'd just have the TA call and have you and your son switched to your room. While it really doesn't matter in the long run, it would just make things a bit easier.
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    That's why I don't bother with TAs ;)

    Call and have them correct the reservation, you don't want to bother with any nonsense over this once you get there!

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