What I learned from my Alex Custom Challenge....


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Aug 11, 2002
WOO HOO- just completed the challenge- can you believe I got up at 5:30 to hit the YMCA??? I knew I wouldn't have time to work out with the three kiddies today and tonight is booked with Awana at church so I got up and went!!

Three things I learned.....

1. Adding the third mile in after only doing 2 miles every morning really kicked up my weight loss and my energy level.

2. I've had fewer cravings this week and it's TOM (for you guys I hate to mention TOM but it's a major factor in cravings for me!)

3. That I feel BETTER when I exercise 5-6 days in the week.

My four mile walk was a clincher and it took me 1 hour and about 10 minutes- started slowing down towards the end- it was 80 degrees and I was parched- probably drank 60 oz of water in 10 minutes.

I'm going to shoot for the 3 miles 4x a week rather than the 5 I did last week- I think having a day of "rest" really helps- but I will continue the 4 mile on the weekends and fit 2 YMCA workouts.
Thanks Alex for doing the custom challenge!!


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Good for you! You are an inspiration!!! I do 2 miles in the mornings and have debated kicking it up to three....but I don't know if I can get up that early...and after 2 miles I am pushing...but I don't know....:confused:

You are doing so well! Good for you to have that kind of discipline...keep it up and you will reap major rewards!

Thanks for sharing the lessons you have learned!

Great job! What an inspiration!!! I can do well with exercise for a little while but can't seem to stick with it. Good for you!!!
That's great!! The idea was always to help people learn new things about their bodies and how they work and you have done a wonderful job.

I'm so impressed, I truly am. You have a great attitude and you made some very valuable observations following the challenge.

Good job, you 're doing great!
That clippie looks SO nice on you!! That's quite an accomplishment!! The Alex Challenge was a great thing for you!

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your dancing Twinkie...
I learned that I am truely one of those people who is affected by carbs....I was doing about 15-20 carbs a day and was crawling...doing the challenge has shown me that I can do well on under ten, and the weight is coming off at about 1 pound a week, much more acceptable to me. Still slow, but atleast the scale is budging.

I also learned that the exercise has really helped tone as I have lost about 2.75 inches overall in 2.5 weeks :) :)

I thought I would be tired without the carbs, but I am not at all...and I walk 2-4 miles a day, do 200 - 350 crunches a day, and nautilus everyother day. I try to swim twice a week and do a little free weights too...first time in years I will feel comfortable in shorts :) :)


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