What happened to the Ultrasaur at JPRA?


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Aug 20, 1999
I rode JPRA a few weeks ago and I noticed the Ultrasaur was gone! His area was covered by a bunch of trees.

Did he die? Did he become part of the meat at the Burger Digs?

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Yeah Barry!
That'll keep the crowds outta my favorite eatery!
There is ALOT of work going on right now at the Jurassic Park River Adventure. The first, and foremost priority was the Ultrasaur - which was removed from the attraction about 2 weeks ago.

Our Ultrasaur is getting a complete overhaul in order to improve movement and reliability. The goal is to return the Ultrasaur to the look and movement it was originally intended to have. In addition, a new skin has also been made for our beloved Ultrasaur.

In the next 3 weeks, expect to see the return of the "new" Ultrasaur, in addition to many other improvements including new skins for some of the dinos (mama and baby steg plus a few others), and better animation
I always thought a few blood splatters would add to the Raptor area (before the big lift). Would that be considered in poor taste? Not overkill, mind you. Just a little touch of the movie.
I'll be standing by for the backlash!
This ride got me interested in visiting IOA and to ride it was disappointing. It appeared that in the rush to open the Marquee attraction in IOA when the park Grand Opened, they used spare parts from the Universal Hollywood version. The technology used appears to be no more advanced than the ancient tech that "It's a Small World" uses. Then Dino's are really rigid and ineffectively scary. Within days of opening the skin on the Dino's was peeling off. The Eyelids on the Stegs were sticking shut and the timing on the Dino that knocks you off course was a joke(If that dino was ever even there). The Climax never seemed to be one and the only thrill was the splash down.
Close this thing down and rehab it until it becomes par with the other technologically advanced rides/attractions at IOA.
This Ride is an embarassment.


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