What exactly is a "hot pot"?


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Jul 14, 2000
I have read posts where people have taken "hot pots" with them and used them to heat up noodles, soup, etc. in their rooms. I know what a CROCK pot is...and also what I call a "hot plate", which is like a stove eye in which you plug in and set pans on. Is that what a "hot pot" is? I have gotten the impression that it is something different; a one-piece contraption? Where can I get one for my upcoming WDW trip and how much are they?
Hi Tink!

A hot pot sort of looks like at short stubby coffee pot. There is a heating element in the bottom of the pot and it heats the liquid inside the pot. I purchased one several years ago to heat water for my son's formula when he was a baby. I purchased mine from either Target or Wal-Mart and paid under $10 for it. I took it to WDW once, but we are not much for soup (a little to hot for it), so I finally sold it at a garage sale. I could really see the value in having a hot pot if you want to stretch your food dollars and have soup or oatmeal in your room.

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Hot pots are great! I never would have survived college without one! They are like an old electric coffee pot only smaller ( I think they hold something like 4 cups) and can be used to heat up water, soup, spaghettio's etc. You can find them at K-Mart, Walmart, and Target. I'm not sure of the price but it's under $20.

BTW, what part of N. GA are you from? I have relatives scattered all over from Blairsville to Athens! Small world!

Have a great trip!!

I don't think I've ever noticed "hot pots" before, but I certainly know what to look for now. Thanks! Tiggerkeeper, with work, home, and schooling, I "live" in my car between Dalton, GA and Chattanooga, TN. ;)

I am also planning on buying a hot pot when I get to Orlando, going to look in Walmart. For some reason they are hard to find around where I live. From what I understand the element is not exposed, like in a regular electric kettle, so you can easily heat up soup or oatmeal. Should be great for snacks or small meals in the hotel room.



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