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Discussion in 'DVC Resorts' started by SecretPoohLove, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. SecretPoohLove

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    Apr 2, 2009
    We are currently booked into BLT on the first week of December. I was going to switch at 7 months to BCV and add a day to the end of the trip so t would be about the same points. Now, I am thinking we should go in November instead since my DS will still be 2 and free, versus 3 and not free in December. Also, he still naps at the moment and on our last trip, we definitely left the park by noon latest to get back to the room for nap. So I have waitlisted November for BCV and BLT, but AKL savannah is available. Do I switch now to AKL to get the dates secured for flights and ADRs and hope for one of the waitlists to come through? Or do I leave it. We were concerned that bussing everywhere would be a real pain with the stroller and leaving for naps, etc. On a side note, my DS is in LOVE with animals and always has been. It we could get a room with a view of an elephant all week, I would jump a it! :rotfl2: would appreciate your thoughts...
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    If you prefer to vacation in November, i'd book at AKV for those November dates. Then, if you want to waitlist for BCV, you can do that. Let us know how everything goes :thumbsup2

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    AKV is wonderful, altho it is an all-bus transportation resort...but I do not believe there are elephants on the savannahs...there are elephants on the safari ride at AK park...but as I recall, no elephants on the savannahs at the Lodge/Villas...

    I, too, would book AKV now and W/L for a different resort...just so I could be watching for air fares and have the peace of mind of knowing I have a reservation I'll love, even if there's another one I'd prefer...

    Good luck!

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