What are your fave searches on Searchcactus?


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Mar 15, 2001
What are your favorite searches on Searchcactus that net you the most 'eyes'? A few days ago my faves were netting 4-7 eyes, now... I'm lucky to get 1. I've cleared the history and tried early am and in the evening. I think I'm going nuts! :p
Usually searches that have to do with gambling get good results (such as online gambling, roulette, gambling, casino(s), blackjack etc.). I use words like web hosting, wedding, digital camera, dating (warning some sites might contain very adult content) and long distance as well.
I use web hosting, work at home, affiliate just because they always have some "eyes" More interesting ones are Disney, travel, wedding, flowers, gifts, wine, photography, kitchen, gardening but some times some of these will only have 1 eye or even none.

Wine, cameras, jokes, and videos are good searches. Sometimes insurance and sports are good too.:D
Here are some from today

digital camera -5
Cd player - 4
free internet access- 3
web hosting -3
card games - 3
printer supplies - 2
travel- 2
movies -2


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