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    Hi everyone, first I want to thank all the veterans who take the time to help the newbies like me. Twice a year we take an adult vacation to the same place for 10 years and we are those veterans on that message board, so I get it. :goodvibes
    This is our first time to Disney and after reading the board we decided to do some loose planning but go ahead and wing most of it and just let the magic happen. We are only doing four days at Disney 4th of July week (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th). We decided not do the park on the 4th. Four days is not a lot of time but I know we will make the best of it. We are not staying at a resort since we have family in Orlando we will be staying with. I did plan and reserve one cool dining experience for each day, and that leads into my first question. I tried to make the reservations at the park we are in that day, but I really want to take the boys to T-Rex so I made late lunch reservations for our first day. We will be in MK that day, so what is the best way to get to Downtown Disney? Should we drive or take a bus? The transportation among the parks has me stumped for some reason. So any help Is sooo appreciated.
    Next question, on day three we will be at AK, since they close at 8pm we thought we would head back to MK because they have the extended hours that night for July 3rd. What is the best way to make that park transfer? Thanks so much for any advice. :)
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    There is no WDW bus transportation from any of the theme parks to Downtown Disney or vice versa. So, you'll want to drive from MK to DTD. Give yourself plenty of time because my guess is that parking at DTD will be a bear. Were you to use WDW transportation, you could take a bus from MK to Saratoga Springs and then walk from SSR to DTD. That is an option, but perhaps not the best option.

    With respect to your question about your AK-MK day, when we drive (which is not often), I like to park at the themepark where I will end the day. Thus, I would park at the TTC (which is parking for MK) and then take a bus to AK. Do your AK touring and then bus to MK for the remainder of your day. The other option you might consider is driving to AK, touring, and then taking a little break from WDW for awhile -- not sure if that makes sense for staying with your Orlando relatives or not. Then drive to TTC to park for MK. You need only pay for parking once per day; just put your receipt/pass on your dashboard and you can park at another themepark on the same day.


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