What a Wonderful Ship, Mostly a Great Week

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    Nov 7, 2012
    My wife and I were on the Fantasy trip that sailed on October 13, 2012. We previously have had three awesome trips on the Magic, the last being in October 2011.

    It’s hard not to be in awe of what Disney did with this ship. The nightclubs and themes were really well done. The staterooms were roomy and comfortable and as always, the food was just wonderful. The Detective Agency game was actually a lot of fun, and we did all three “cases.” The port calls were pretty good, but our best time was spent in the Caymans at a beach just near the dock, where we just relaxed and sipped on cold drinks while enjoying a spectacular Caribbean day.

    There was considerably more “adult only” space on the Fantasy than on the Magic, and that was great, as was the addition of Remy’s for another choice of adult dining. I was not actually too impressed with Remy’s. It is a beautiful restaurant and I love fine dining, but it just seemed the portions were super small; I was still hungry after dinner. The one thing I would definitely change is the wine pairing. They have a sommelier that we had to meet with a few hours before dinner to discuss our wine selection. I went with the wine pairing, because it always works well at Victoria and Albert’s (Grand Floridian). Remy’s came in at about $25.00 a glass for really what was a small portion of wine. There was also no wine with the cheese course. I wasn’t there to get blitzed, but I felt like I was at a wine tasting, and with the lecture on the vintage and vineyard for each glass, it felt like it. I’d suggest if you do Remy’s, then just get a bottle. With the surcharge, wine, and tip if came out to around $400.00 for two people.

    I did find that at night the clubs were jammed packed. If you went to see an entertainer you really had to get there early or risk not getting a seat. I rarely had this problem on the Magic, but the Magic was also dealing with a smaller number of passengers. The shows in the theatre were not so bad crowd wise, but once or twice it really paid to be there early. All of the shows were fantastic. The movie theatre in the evening was usually very quiet and not crowded (at least for the two movies we went to see).

    The dining room rotation was standard DCL, with dinners rotating between the three main restaurants. The “new” Animator's Pallet was really well done with “Crush” interacting with the diners to the animating of our own (really badly drawn) cartoon figures. We were on the late dinner seating, but surrounded by infants and toddlers at the adjacent tables. It was frequently difficult to have a conversation with the people at our table and I just got tired trying to talk over the youngsters. Towards the middle of the trip we’d had enough of the screaming and tantrums, and instead opted for the top deck buffet one night, Remy’s another, and room service on the last evening. That was probably the biggest downer of the trip, not being able to enjoy the dinner rotation, but it’s Disney and that’s the way it is. There are no longer any character breakfasts. They seem to do most of the meet and greets in the atrium, to include the character meets.

    Otherwise, a few hiccups but all in all it was a great week, but it went by way too fast.
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    Thanks for sharing, I'm glad you managed to have a good time despite a few bumps along the way.

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