Wet Rides?


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Feb 10, 2000
I read you can get really wet on some of the rides, like the Popeye one. Do they have an area to "blow dry" off like they do at Kali River Rapids, and if so do they run the blowers in Feb.?
Which rides should we watch out for? I don't want to get soaked and then freeze in early Feb!

Cheers :)


I've never seen dryers at the end of wet rides. They do sell towels at the gift shop and the gift shops.


Barry Hom
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You get really wet on the two rides in toontown (can't remember their names but you will see them and know what I mean - one of them is like Kali River Rapids but you get much wetter). My family and I were absolutely soaked and walked around for the rest of the day wet. If there were any dryers we didn't see any. We were so wet we had to go into the toilets and take our clothes off and wring them out. The rides were so good though that I wouldn't have missed them.

Have a great trip.
We were there in January last year. We bought 99 cent ponchos from Walmart and brought them with us. Although some water seeped through, the ponchos really helped to keep us dry. In addition on the Popeye ride we used garbage bags and pulled them up over our feet and legs. We may have looked silly on the ride, but we were dry when we got off! We saw those people that were soaked, and they really looked silly! We had taken extra clothes to the park and put them in a locker, but we didn't even need to go change.

My advice is to take ponchos and enjoy all of the attractions.

Have fun!

Donna R.
No way,half the fun is getting soaked.During the summer you dry off in no time.I got one tip though,dont wait in the Spiderman line if your soaked,its frezing in that building.
Across from the big theater thing in toon lagoon I distinctly remeber sitting on a long curvy bench along the side of the main path which had numerous fans operating, and I sat there as a blower.. not sure if that's the intention, but it worked..
who is worring about getting wet-the only reason they make coasters is to dry you off :)
Lol, I love the garbage bag tip! We wore ponchos on Kali and still got soaked because it all came in through the bottom, but I never thought to cover up with garbage bags!

Cheers :)




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