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    Jan 12, 2006
    Welcome to the DISboard's DVC Resort Reservation Availability Forum.

    Why this board?

    When a DISboard member calls Member Services and finds out the resort, room, or view that they want is not available for their desired vacation, it is helpful to pass that information along to other members. This may cut down on member frustrations, and help reduce phone calls to DVC. You may find it useful for planning purposes as to have several options in mind before calling DVC to reserve a vacation villa. This board is an experiment to gather information concerning resort availability and to display it here. It all depends on you, and your help.

    How to read the board?
    There are 12 rolling months for this board, each with it's own thread. All the monthly threads are identical in format and represent dates for that particular month where members have reported no resort availability. Open any thread for the month you are interested in for your DVC reservations to see what others have reported.

    If a date for that month has been reported as not having any availability, it is printed in RED. Only dates with no availability are being displayed at this time. If a date is not shown then no one has reported it yet. If no one has reported any dates at all for a specific resort/room/view then there is a comment in GREEN saying "No Reports"

    Any posts which follow the Month's Data posting are new submissions by DISboard members that have not yet been processed and added to the chart. When processed, the new reported dates are added and then the posts themselves are removed. The data itself is saved in a special database which is used to generate the reports.

    Is this information accurate?
    The information displayed is only what has been reported by DISboard members. It is totally UNOFFICIAL. It does not reflect any cancellations that may have occurred, or DVC members experiences using waitlists. Use these reports as a general guideline only. Feel free to post in the dedicated discussion thread information about waitlists. It's best to think of these lists as showing which villas most likely do not have availability. Do not assume that if a date is not listed, that the converse is true and the resort does have availability.

    What about months that have already passed?
    Once a specific month passes it is closed and moved to the sub-board: "Past Months - - Reservation History". You might refer to a previous year's month to see if certain months have been reported heavily.

    Is this also a discussion board?
    All regular discussion will be restricted to the dedicated Discussion Thread. We will be using automated computer software to process data submitted by yourselves. For that reason we cannot allow any new threads to be started. If you try to start a new thread, it will not post to the board and will be automatically deleted by our software.

    You may post in the "Sticky" Discussion thread if you have questions about how the Resort Reservation Availability Board works, have trouble interpreting the results or have suggestions for changes and improvements. Please do not post your reservation results in that thread as the computer will not find them and the information will not appear in the monthly charts.

    Comments and/or questions on topics such as availability or waitlist chances or DVC Reservation Policies should continue to be posted on the Planning Forum.

    How do I contribute information about DVC Resort availability? - Detailed Directions:
    We encourage all contributions as that will determine the success or not of this new board. Since we will be using special computer software to 'read' your postings, it is required they follow a special format. While a human can interpret what you mean, a computer cannot. It can only process your exact phrase. Please read the following instructions on how to submit information. It's really easy once you review it.

    Let's say you were checking with DVC Member Services about a vacation and found out certain dates were not available for what you wanted, so you want to let others know by posting to this board.

    1. First, locate and open the thread for the Month & Year you wish to report. For example if you want to report some dates for Dec 2008, open the December 2008 thread.

    2. The first post in the thread shows what dates have already been reported by others. If there are additional reply posts then those are reports by others that just haven't been processed yet.

    3. You'll notice all the DVC resorts are listed. Each is spelled out, but also has an abbreviation that is used by the processing program. For example Old Key West is "OKW", Vero Beach is "VB", and so on. You will need to use that abbreviation for your report. The program will not recognize any other abbreviations than what is listed. If you use "HHI" instead of "HH", or "WLV" instead of "VWL", the computer will not know what you mean and will not include your report.

    4. Under each resort all of that resort's booking categories are listed, with each having a "Reference Letter", such as "A", "B", "C" and so on. You will use the reference letter to designate the exact villa and booking category you are reporting. We are only using the major booking categories. We know there are other distinctions such as 'dedicated' units, or 'handicap' units, but for our puposes we are looking at whether a unit 'type' is available or not, per the categories listed.

    To report dates, make a Reply Post to the thread:

    A. Be sure it's the correct thread (Month/Year)
    B. Enter ONLY the specific reporting 'code' that can be read by our software. Do NOT enter any comments. The basic 'code' is: MSDate,Resort,CategoryCode,StartDate-EndDate as follows:

    • MSDate is the date you called Member Services and were informed there was no availability.
    • Resort Code is the two or three letter code shown, such as AKV, OKW, BWV, etc.
    • CategoryCode is the one letter used to designate the booking category as shown in the listings.
    • StartDate is the first date of a range of dates that have no availability.
    • EndDate is the last date in the range of dates which has no availability. Do not confuse with Check-Out Dates

    The MSDate is not shown in the tables, but is retained in a database so it can be be used later for special reports to analyze availability at the 11-month, 7-month windows.

    Example: 4/15/2008,OKW,F,3-5 means (if this is in the Dec 2008 thread) you're reporting that on April 15, 2008 you called MS and found out there was no availability at OKW for a 1-B/R villa near the Hospitality House for Dec 3rd through the 5th.

    • Note that a Comma acts to separate the various pieces of information. (This is knows as a delimiter)
    • The resort dates are separated by a DASH (not a comma!)
    • Be sure to use English (American) date formats, Month/Day/Year. For example July 4, 2008 is 7/4/2008
    • Uppercase/Lowercase is not required. Note the DISboards will display your entries in lowercase
    • For the MSDate, the software will recognize most date formats: 7/4/2008, 07/04/2008, 7/4/08, 7-4-2008, 7-4-08

    Reporting Availability:
    • If you are reporting only a single date, put only one date at the end and omit the 'dash', OR put the SAME date twice: Examples:
      • 4/15/2008,OKW,F,3
      • or 4/15/2008,OKW,F,3-3
    • You can report multiple items one of two ways
      1. Put them on the same line, separated by a semicolon: EXAMPLE: 7/4/2008,OKW,F,3-8;7/4/2008/BWV,A,12-20;7/5/2008,SSR,C,3-7
      2. Put them in multiple lines: EXAMPLE:

    Please also see the main discussion thread which has some FAQ's posted.

    Final Note: As an anti-spam measure, you must have at least 10 posts on the DISboards before the system will allow you to make a reply posting in this forum.
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