We'd like to do DVC, but what's this about NY?


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Apr 29, 2001
We're very interested in joinging DVC. We should've done so long ago as we've been down to WDW 22 times. My wife and I have been reading and reading and reading, and we'll probably join when we go down in May.

But, I think I read somewhere on one of the boards that DVC is not registered in NY? What is the implication here? Should we be concerned with this?

Thanks in advance for your help.
You'll be fine to purchase at WDW during your trip.

Currently DVC has not completed registration with the state of NY to sell VWL. (They can still sell VB and HH in NY). This process is expected to be complete soon, but until then, DVC may not contact or provide any sales information to residents of NY.

DVC has to jump through legal hoops in each state they wish to be allowed to sell timeshares. Some are more challenging than others and NY is one of those. This process must be repeated for each resort (OKW, BWV, VB and HH have already met NY's requirements).

Good luck!
The only DVC Resort currently being sold is the Villas at Wilderness Lodge which has not yet been registered for sale in New York. The only implication for you is that you have to do the paperwork at DVC in WDW or HH or VB.:cool:

Also, the price per point is going up (I think on June 1).
It will go from $72/point to $75/point.
You can purchase a resale at OKW or Boardwalk without being at Disney. You can go through a resale broker to do this. I wasn't sure which resort you were interested in.

Sent me a email if you are interested in more info

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