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Aug 17, 1999
Appearing in USAToday is an artcile which deals with tourism in orlando, and WDW in partcular. Among the points of most interest is an admission from an unnamed Disney source that Universal Escape has suffered just half as much of a decline in their business as WDW, which ties into a discussion we had about a couple of months ago about numbers that come out in the Orlando Business Journal which suggested that Universal was not hurting as bad as Disney(that report was based on hotel occupancy for those of you who remember). This just seems to confirm that big gap, which no one has been able to get a fix on, that what was suspected by many all along.

I was also suprised to read that Universal California's resort business was up 25% for the same period.

If you reread the article, it says "the company's California park is up 25%" this is a reference to Universal Hollywood not Disneyland. Universal Hollywood has seen a slight attendence surge since 9/11. I can't explain Disney's lack of attendence only to say that there have been very few new attractions in the last 2 years and regular visitors to WDW are starting to try other places. Many on these boards have reported they have gone to Universal Orlando loved it and will return again. This should be a wake up call to Disney but I feel it won't be.
Yes, you are right. Thank you for the correction.
We also have to remember that these numbers of being down x percent in attendance are all being compared to 2000, which was the among the highest levels ever. My heart bleeds for Disney, et al.
USF was also giving AWESOME rates at there onsite properties compared to wdw.
WDW also has far more rooms to fill. Given the fact that Disney hasn't offered much new and is actually cutting back on the little amenities, it doesn't surprise me that Universal's numbers are up relative.
The real test will be what happens when the economy fully recovers.
The real question is -"Is Universal making any $$$"?? You can give away the store just so long. Then you must raise prices and stop offering "amenities".
Profit drives both companies---.
I can't explain Disney's lack of attendence only to say that there have been very few new attractions in the last 2 years and regular visitors to WDW are starting to try other places.

Another explanation could be that while DL attracts a higher percentage of locals than WDW, USH is even more dependent on locals. This means it is less vulnerable to decreases in tourism. Its the same reason many local/regional parks have not been hurt at all by the drop in tourism.

Also, you conveniently left out the fact that USF is still down. It maybe down only half as much as Disney, but it is much newer and as another poster mentioned, is offering more discounts. It is building into a resort destination, but is still more local oriented than WDW. So all of the new attractions and discounts are only marginally helping attendance at best, and maybe not at all, since the difference could be attributed only to the lower dependence on tourism.

Maybe Disney isn't as dumb as many think, and actually do want to succeed... Nah, that couldn't be it. There only goal is to ignore their customers and lose money!


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