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Discussion in 'Disney Weddings and Honeymoons' started by Disnerd6838, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. Disnerd6838

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    May 13, 2016
    Our wedding isn't until November of 2019. But we can't help but start thinking ahead to our Disney honeymoon! My question is if we wanted to spend 8-10 days, would we be losing a ton of "disney magic" if we stayed at a value resort? I'd like to go all inclusive with a dining plan and it seems the resort is the best place to cut costs. Any input is appreciated!
  2. ALegrande

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    Jan 18, 2017
    In my opinion, no you won’t!! There are a lot of cool things about the Value resorts that you still find no where else but on Disney property. I personally would recommend a moderate, just mostly for the room size and amenities, but values are fine too. You could also do 1-2 days at a Deluxe and the rest at a value/mod, so that way you can end your honeymoon on a super high note and know what it’s like at the deluxe resorts too. If you go that route though I would def do it at the end so it doesnt feel like so much of a downgrade moving over to the mod/value!
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  4. Wild4Walt

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    Jul 28, 2008
    I think Disney Magic is what you make of it. Meaning you have the control to make your honeymoon magical. My point being a Value resort can be just as magical as a Deluxe. Otherwise, people wouldn't stay here.

    I'd choose a resort that had a recent rehab ( I know Pop was this year and I think one of two of the All Stars are on deck for refurbs this year ). Just do your homework on the resorts so you're not disappointed.

    Enjoy your planning!
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  5. Karin1984

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    Feb 5, 2012
    Regardless if it is your honeymoon or not, how much time do you plan to spend at the resort? If you only need a place to sleep, value is definitely a good option to cut costs. If you plan to spend a lot of time in the room, a bigger room at a moderate or deluxe might sound better. Also think about the pool, table service restaurants, etc.

    And I am sure when you mention 'honeymoon' on your reservation, each resort would sprinkle some magic around the room.
  6. P&L@WDW

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    May 11, 2007
    We're going for our honeymoon in early 2020. We are likely going to stay at a Value resort for a few reasons:

    1) Cost - we would rather spend the extra money on other experiences to make our trip special, things like dinner at V&A's, a monorail pub crawl, a spa afternoon or high tea.
    2) We don't spend much time in the room - we sleep there, and get up and get ready in the morning. That's it.
    3) We can have a longer honeymoon without costing more by staying in a value vs moderate. It is the difference between a 6 day and a 10 day honeymoon.
    4) We don't tend to have 'resort' days. The extra amenities that you get at the moderates and deluxe resorts don't matter to us.
    5) I've stayed at moderates before, as well as at the Values. While the moderates had beautiful theming, I just didn't find there was enough value to justify the additional costs for me.
    6) I get to go to Disney - I don't care where I stay!!!
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  7. justme0729

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    Jun 11, 2014
    If you spend the money on things that would still make the trip extra special, I think it’s fine! Get the deluxe dining plan, go to the spa, do a special tour, etc! I do think it would be special to stay at a Deluxe for your last night if you are able to! We stayed at the GF for our last night and it was a nice way to end the trip.
  8. minijeanie

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    Jul 5, 2000
    I would not do a value - amenities are scarce. no sit down restaurant, pools adequate and screaming with kids. Plus high school bands, cheerleaders , etc all go there. Make sure there are no type conventions when you go. rooms are just ok. My daughter was there with her high school and I was so unimpressed. She had ground floor room which walked out to concrete and truthfully no different than a Days Inn. If your on a budget spend your first few days in value them move to moderate. For me ambience is what makes me happy. Just my opinion though. Many many people on these boards would not go anywhere else and that's great. It really depends on what you want to spend your $$$ on

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