Walk in Walt's Footsteps vs Welcome to DL


Sep 24, 2000
DH and I will be visiting DL in just a couple of weeks and our package includes our choice of tours or the Magic Morning Breakfast. Our hotel offers breakfast so I really don't care too much about the breakfast (no characters, right?) but I don't know which if any tour to do. :confused: THis is our first trip to DL and we will be in DL for just two short days and are wondering if the tour will take up too much of our time and keep us from seeing all there is to see. I am a huge Disney fan and think I would love to do a tour but am worried that DH won't find it as interesting. Anyone have any advice? Thanks! :)
Hello :)

Your Magic Morning Breakfast does include Characters! I have been on the Walk in Walts footsteps tour and probably would have enjoyed had I not been to Disneyland so many times. It is a great tour if you are interested in Disneyland history but it does take some time.

I would recommend the Breakfast!
Here is what I would do on a first trip:

1. Upgrade your Magic Morning coupon to a Character Breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen. It is about $9.00 more per person, but the breakfast is good, and the character interaction is amazing.

2. Get Birmbaum's Official Guide to Disneyland, and in the back is a coupon for a 2-for-1 tour. And, I would take the Walk in Walt's Footprints tour, personally.

Have fun!!
Thanks for the suggestions. DisneyaHolic, how would I go about upgrading to Goofy's Kitchen? I booked my trip through AAA so I didn't make any arrangements myself since this is my first trip west and I didn't have a clue. Do you need to make reservations ahead of time as well? Thanks again!

To upgrade to Goofy's Kitchen you take your AAA voucher to the restaurant, and tell they you are planning to upgrade. They will simply charge you the extra.

The restaurant is in the Disneyland Hotel (a short monorail ride from Disneyland, or a short walk through Downtown Disney). It would be best to make reservations prior to going. I'm sorry that I don't have the phone number, but I know that you can call the hotel for reservations, or, if you wait til you are there, you can make reservations at City Hall. I would recommend reservations, so that you don't lose extra "fun time" waiting for an open table!

Have a great time! :p
We personally love the Walk in Walt's Footsteps Tour. We also had it included in previous packages. We actually took it twice about 3 years apart. We loved it both times. You get an incredible amount of history and park information. One time we were the only ones on the tour and the other time there were 4 of us. At least two thirds of the information was different on the second tour they did. We found it fascinating.
Thanks again for your help. I am thinking we will probably do both the Walk in Walt's Footsteps and the breakfast and just pay for the cheapest one ourselves. They both sound great! One week from today I will be there!!!! :pinkbounc


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