Visualizing Success in November: Much Abundance and Gratitude

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    Jun 12, 2016
    Autumn! What a cozy time of year! Sipping tea by the fire. Leaves crunching underfoot as you stroll down the street. Comfort food simmering on the stove. Ah.... It's a great season, best enjoyed when we slow down.

    One of the ways that I love to motivate myself to achieve goals is to make a dream board. You can even make dream boards for smaller time frames- like a month. Especially since the holiday season can get so hectic- it's nice to have a visual reminder of what you want to achieve in November and how you want to feel throughout the month.

    I use Google image search to find my pictures and copy and paste them into powerpoint to create my dream boards, but you can just as easily cut pictures from a magazine and make a physical dream board.

    Please feel free to share your dream board with us and set your intentions visually. :)


    Sharing is also a great way to gather ideas that you may also want to incorporate into your November!
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