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Go Tribe!!!
Apr 8, 2000
Hi! We are coming up from Ohio to Toronto at the end of May. Is there anything I should know that ONLY locals know?

Is there anything special that we should do? Can't do Lion King... boo hoo!

Thanks for the info!
Hmmm, that only locals know... well there are probably a few things, like where to get the best this or that... where to buy stuff...

Maybe places to stay or places to avoid, this is a pretty big place though! I work downtown by the Skydome and I live in the Beaches, please feel free to e-mail me with any questions you have! I have lived here all my life.

I would really love to help!
The zoo and the Science Center are fabulous! My opinion is that people drive on the 401 and the QEW like lunatics!!!!! Which always strikes me as weird cause, in general, people in Toronto are so very nice, civil and helpful. Personally I hate to drive there bit love the city!!!!!!
We are staying at the

Sheraton Parkway Hotel Toronto North
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

And I've been on the QE4 - scared the heck out of me!! I hope we arrive at a quiet time re: driving. When is a good time to drive into town?

Driving from Buffalo, I have always felt the least stressed when we leave here after 6 pm or early Saturday am. Maybe someone there can give you better insight. My kids really want to there for a weekend and I am not thrilled, only because of the driving. Its such a great city.
It's been years since we've been there - we went to a Phantom show. My DH will be tied up a bit at a conference, and I would like to explore.

i would also like to take him to the BEST restaurant. It doesn't have to be linen tableclothes and maitre'ds... It could be a beer joint....

Shopping - any ideas? PS - do love the town and the residents.
Hi Sue!

I seem to have a bit of a reputation for my culinary explorations at Disney... and well, I am just as crazy when it comes to restaurants in my own city...

Even if I haven't been there I've read a thousand reviews and I live to hear about my friends experiences at just about any establishment!

Let me know what sort of thing you might be looking for and I will set my scouts out to find the best... I might just have to check it out myself!

Too bad we don't have a little DIS meet schedules while you're here... hmmm...
Richmond Hill is in the Northern section of the city! A lot of the tourist stuff is downtown. If you have kids there is all sorts of things to do - Museum, Science Centre, Ontario Place, CN Tower. Mind you some of these places are great for adults too. Princess of Wales Theatre or one of the theatres should have great shows on. If your hubby is into sports he might like to try Gretsky's restaurant. Or else you could eat at the top of the CN tower! Harbourfront is a great place to shop. Or else Eaton Centre downtown, one of the best malls is Yorkdale. Check out - it will give you tons of info. Have fun!
One more bit of advice - stay off the roads and transit system during rushhour. You will never get anywhere (this is one thing TO lacks is a good road system). QEW isn't that insane - except during this time.
I appreciate your tips - we NEVER get away on our own - this is pretty special... so I would like to do a little planning so we aren't spinning our wheels making decisions....

I am probably so compulsively planning this as my next WDW is 11 months away!!!!

RE: food - sports bar sounds fun... especially if I can find the Tribe on TV. We like steak, fish, pizza, hamburgers... just your normal food. Not necessarily into Penne Pasta or gezpacho or asparagus...or other FANCY cuisine. My DH likes it, but I am a plain jane when it comes to food.

CN tower sounds cool too. Reservations needed? Will DH need a tie? Jacket? I am not too interested in dressing up - although if the restaurant is deserving of it, we will be happy to do so!

I'll check out the web site tonight. Thanks again!

OK, so I heard "sports bar", "Tribe on TV", "pizza and hamburgers" and "CN Tower".

All of those things point to the Peel Pub on King Street West downtown. This is NOT A CLASSY PLACE but if you want those things, this is it. It's a big stone-floor pub 1/2 level below the street and it is very popular with tourists and locals alike. Decent pub food at great prices and good service. Everywhere you look there is another TV with some kind of sports on and you sometimes see Tribe, Yankees and Tigers hats and shirts in there, probably folks on holiday.

The place is within Toronto's theatre district and is a 5 minute walk to Skydome and CN Tower so it gets busier before and after Jays games. Also, it is VERY crowded 12:00 to 1:00 M-F when it fills up with the business types from the downtown office towers. Just be careful when you order anything that says "large" especially the beer pitchers.

Here's their site:

If you want fancier dining, cross the street and go 1 or 2 blocks west to more chic and eclectic restaurants.

Also, Wayne Gretzky's, about a block away on Blue Jays Way has an awsome patio on the roof of the building called The Oasis. Excellent views of the city, CN tower, Skydome etc. and it should be open by the end of May.

Something else to consider is the Hard Rock Cafe Skydome during a Jays game. The kids love this! A unique place, tiers of tables and the windows face out onto right field between the 200 and 500 level seats. You pay something like CAN$30 each but they take about $25 each off your check at the end - sort of like a minimum which you have to pre-pay. Reservations required .

I have taken visitors to Toronto to each of these places and they liked them. This neighbourhood is full of restaurants which feed on the Skydome people and theatre-goers.

As I'm sure you are aware, your dollar buys about CAN$1.55 so everytime you see the price of something, take 1/3 off. I wish that were the case for us Canadians going to WDW! It's only the beginning of May and there are already lots of American tour buses and visitors in downtown Toronto.

Have Fun!

Richmod Hill has commuter trains running to downtown Toronto each morning, and back up each evening, Mon thru Fri (we call these GO Trains). If your schedule allows, I'd seriously recommend making use of these. Take a cab to the station in Richmod Hill, because the parking fills up early. The GO Train schedules can be found at

If the GO Trains are too inflexible, you could consider driving to Scarborough Town Centre or Yorkdale Shopping Centre (both of these are along the 401) - and catch the TTC subway line downtown - they run from morning till past midnight, 7 days a week. When we travel downtown from Newmarket (even further north than RH) on weekends, that's what we do.

Or, if possible, switch to a hotel on the east-west Lakeshore GO Train lines. This line runs trains from morning till past midnight, 7 days a week.
This is wonderful advice! Exactly what I am looking for, the options sound perfect, and I VERY MUCH appreciate the driving tips!

I would hate to waste valuable touring time in the CAR with gas prices so outrageously high as they are!!!!

Thanks again everyone. I am really looking forward to the trip.



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