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    Mar 6, 2004
    hey guys sorry but have to vent real fast. my cousin is going with me on my trip to the world. i love her to death and we have a blast together but... i told her three years ago about my trip and me wanting her to go. i call her the other day to tell her i am moving it from may 07 to december 06 because i will be graduating sooner than i thought :goodvibes . asked her if she was cool with that and she said yeah that she'll just ask our grandmother for the money by telling her that that is the only way i'll get to go because i need the help. i need help because i am physically disabled. i told her 3 yrs ago about the trip i saved most of my money for the trip and will be paying my entire part. why hasnt she saved any? i know she has bills and stuff but still. my grandmother has a heart of gold and will probably pay but i just think its wrong she has her paying her entire part. i can see if she needed a little help. my grandmother would probably pay for the entire trip but i am not going to ask her to do that. that is her money and if she offered yes i would probably say ok. i was going to see if she would pay for an upgrade to conceirge as a graduation presnt for me but now i am not gonna ask. i will probably ask my parents to help upgrade tickets from what i was gonna get. since i have my part paid for they said they would help me out a little. ok sorry guys just had to vent.
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    I am so sorry about this!! Other people can be so frustrating! She still has a year to save!! Did you tell her that?

    Sending you hugs!! :grouphug:

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