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Mar 30, 2001
I do not have an American Express card, but would love to reap the discounts now being offered by them!
My question is: Does anyone know if someone else use thier Amex card to pay for MY room reservation so I can get the discount..
Example: My mom/or someone with a different last name has an Amex card..and she calls CRO to reserved and PAY for that room for Myself and DD as a GIFT, but is not going on the trip.....

Can this be done, if it is all paid for in advance, will they still ask to see the card when I arrive?

Hope someone can answer this????:confused:
generally you pay at checkout for your room and unless you are an authorized user you can not charge on someone's card. Perhaps you mother could try to book the rooms in your name.
I've never had a problem using my Mother-in-law's credit card. When we travel together we each pick up half the resort bill at check-in. I know in advance what half is and ask that that amount be charged to "this" card and I hand them the card. Then I pay the remaining balance. (We pay the deposits.) Granted we have the same last name. I think all that really matters is that American Express is getting their "cut".

It won't hurt to try. You can get a "Blue" card that has no yearly fee for yourself. It's like a VISA or Mastercard in that it's your typical credit card. Apply online or most of the rewards programs offer it.

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Technically Am Ex will not allow you to use someone else's credit card. When I worked in retail we would get returned charges if the wife signed the husband's card. However, Disney will allow you to pre-pay your hotel so I would think that your idea of having your mother - in- law pay for your room might just work!


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