Use Year/ Banking for Future Reservation


Earning My Ears
Oct 23, 2020
First time poster so please bear with me.

I have an April Use Year contract. Currently, I have still have DVC points for 2020. I want to start making plans for the Magic Kingdom anniversary in October 2021. If I want to make that reservation in the next few weeks, can I still use my current 2020 points in this Use Year for that future reservation or do I need to bank them into 2021 to make that reservation?


DIS Veteran
May 28, 2019
Use years matter for the vacation dates (check in/check out) and not the days you call to make the reservation.

Those 2020 points would need to be banked to reserve a trip that is during your 2021 use year.


DVC Forums
Nov 15, 2008
Easiest way for me. Figure our UY of the trip. Once you know that, you can then use banked points from UY prior to trip, points from the UY of the trip, and borrow points, currently up to 50%, to complete the reservation.

So, in your case, since your trip is in your April 2021 UY, those 2020 points have to be in the banked status, no matter when you call to book the trip.