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    Use Year Help

    Hi! I'm a longtime lurker and have been reading and researching as much as I can. We don't currently own but I'm hoping to make a purchase by the end of the year. Currently we usually travel in November/December or the beginning of June. I'm having trouble trying to pinpoint the best use year...
  2. MinnesoTristan

    Considering DVC - Looking for Advice

    A little bit about me: -Recently sold my house, which allowed me to pay off my auto loan, student loans, and all credit card balances, with $6K left over to put into savings. -Recently accepted a new position with significantly higher earnings. -Parents will be retiring this year, and sister...
  3. Arthur2990

    Use Year month should I select?

    I am extremely flexible with my travel dates. I would want 11 month access to Home resort any time Between September 1 and January 31. What is the best use year month to be able to allow flexibility for these months?


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