Upgrading My Pentax K-x


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Mar 9, 2007
Hi all!

I purchased a Pentax Kx back in 2010 with the advice and help from this board. I am considering upgrading. Does anyone have any recommendations? I am thinking of sticking with Pentax, so I can use the lenses that I already have. I was looking at the K-50 or 30 not sure if that would be the best option. Is upgrading worth it, will there be a significant difference between one of these and the k-x? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
I’ve played with the KP and loved it. If I was going the Pentax route, that would’ve been my choice. I think the high ISO capability of the KP is great.
Yes, it's worth it to upgrade. The K-x uses the same 12 MP Sony sensor as the D300 and D90 from Nikon, which is not just one but two stops worse in high ISO performance from the Sony/Toshiba sensor in the K-70. Also, the new Pentax cameras are cheap and highly capable, the body itself is much cheaper than going mirrorless or with a competitor's similarly specified DSLR, even without the rest of the system switching costs.

I'd suggest the K-70 is a good match as a replacement, the KP is a higher end model if you want to get more spendy, but they're both very good and blow the K-x out of the water nowadays. The K-x uses a somewhat different UI than the K-x and K-70 though, so do figure that into your calculations.

Also, if you do upgrade the body, you can keep the older body for secondary use in good light. Having a second body means that you can have one lens (usually a normal zoom) on one, and a telephoto lens on the other. It's much faster than switching lenses, and in bright light the image quality difference between the two is minimized. It also keeps dust and debris out of the camera, particularly useful on (non-Disney) safaris and similar. I do the dual or even triple body setup on big photo trips, and the rest of the time just use one very capable body.


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