Upgrades on DCL

Señor Ferrari

The fat gent at the table
Oct 8, 2001
Yes, people have on occasion been upgraded by DCL, but there is no apparent way to give yourself a better chance of having this happen.

I'd suggest booking the cabin category that you'll feel comfortable with and not count on getting an upgrade. That way, if it (inevitably) doesn't happen, you won't be disappointed, but if it does, it will be a pleasant surprise.


Earning My Ears
Jul 8, 2002
We were upgraded when we went in June. We had an inside cabin on deck 2 and they upgraded us to a Navigators Verandah room on deck 5. It happend about 3 weeks before departure and was a very pleasant surprise.



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Jun 23, 2002
I got a call out of the blue about 2 weeks after booking (and 5 months before sail date) that we were being upgraded from a Cat. 8 to a Cat. 7 bc they needed the room I had booked. It sounded like an overbooking situation but needless to say, I was thrilled!


DIS Veteran
May 2, 2000
I booked our 1st cruise in Nov 2000 for our Dec 2001 trip. It was kind of a last minute add-on to our WDW trip, so I booked a cat. 12 room (which would have been fine with me!). Not until we were at the port, checking in, did we find out that we got a free upgrade to cat. 9!! We loved the porthole. I'm hoping they release June 2004 sailings soon so I can book a secret porthole room (kind of like a free 2 cat. upgrade in itself!!).


DIS Veteran
Feb 2, 2002
Have any of you that got an upgrade go through a TA or DCL directly? Just Curious.

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