UPDATES & Just letting y’all know I have not fallen off the face of the earth…


Aug 14, 1999
I’m so sorry; I have been VERY busy since I arrived home from the convention. First I had not done a bit of decorating and was SO behind – I had 3 school concerts the week after the convention and I was in charge of the desserts for 500-600 people for my daughters dessert theater on 12/14. Then I had company arrive for Christmas they left on the 26th (and left me with the mess) then I left town on the 27th as my Mom was getting married in South Carolina (I did most of the cooking for the reception and the party the night before). I very seriously thinking of disappearing next year for the holidays, overall too much cooking and mess is involved.


We are working on this but it will take some time to get everything all set. Below is some thoughts on the event, remember none of this is in stone yet so don’t hold us to anything but this is where we are at:

*First of all we are trying to plan an event at the Magic Kingdom and Disney is trying to figure out what date we can do this as they do not have the 2002 MVMCP dates yet ( we are in the pricing stage of this) we can’t finalize the events/cost until we can set all the event dates

* Possibly extending the event to 5 nights – Tuesday through Sunday? What do y’all think? Maybe we offer 2 event packages (this is a BIG maybe) one for the 5 nights one for the weekend only.

*I have already got OUR spot on hold for Illuminations on Saturday night J

*We are looking into possibly having some type of fun dinner event one night (with a few surprises – that I can’t tell you about or they would not be a surprise, but you’ll love it!) - I’ll look into group pricing for Hoop Dee Doo also

*DIS Treasure Hunt – this will take place over a few hours around the BW/Y & BC resort area. You’ll have to figure out the clues or solve a riddle to get to the next checkpoint – 1st team that gets to the end wins a prize.

*DIS Karaoke themed event.

*Opening reception about the same and last years, maybe the treasure hunt will follow.

*We’re arraigning with WDW for a special group booking phone number for the convention that y’all can call WDW directly to book rooms for the convention – they except credit cards and will issue refunds if you cancel and the confirmation. Anyone booking through this block.

*Did y’all like the breakfasts? Another character breakfast is possible or we’ll do something with characters at another event. – Oh, and if we do breakfast it will be later starting at 8am

VERY Tentative DISCON 2002 Itinerary
***very subject to change!

Tuesday – registration/reception
Wednesday - possible Magic Kingdom Event (evening)
Thursday – dinner event
Friday – character breakfast/ evening open???
Saturday – Illuminations Dessert Party
Sunday – closing breakfast

RE Childcare question – we could not do anything just for us because of the cost and liability factor but both the Beach Club and Boardwalk had kids clubs and you can get a babysitter from Kinder Care, visit this link for more info: http://wdwinfo.com/wdwinfo/childcare.htm
I am all for the 5 day.. you know that. we discussed it.. and hugs to my Linda.. I hope this appeases the masses.. You know how excited we all get.. :)
:bounce: :bounce: If you could see me, Linda, that would be me, jumping up and down! ;)
It sounds great so far. I like the idea of 5 nights, too. I'm already staying extra days before and after, so that addition doesn't affext my travel plans at all. It just gives us more days to play! A surprise dinner event sounds great, too. Some of my fonder memories was sitting down to eat with all my friends. It gave us that quiet time to talk and get to know each other. :)
I can't tell enough how much we appreciate all the work you're doing. We all know what it's like to juggle a trip and Christmas, let alone all the other things you dealt with. No wonder you disappeared. Thank you so much for everything! :)
Hey!!!!! More nights for Jellyrolls!! WhooHoo!!!!!!!:D :D
OMG OMG OMG....after just getting back from WDW this is definately appealing to me. Sounds like some great ideas and since I couldn't make it this past year I can't offer much of yeas or nays but so far there are no nays!!!!!

Can't wait for more info to follow soon. Thanks for all you do to make this work Linda and to Mac-key for leading us to the right info!!!!

Sounds wonderful Linda. I'll be there a few days before and a few days after, so I'd be doing the 5 day/night thing as well. Great idea for Disney to take care of the hotel reservations. I'm sure that would take a little responsibility off your shoulders. I did enjoy the breakfasts, and agree that 8am would be a much more humane time for a lot of us. Thanks for all your efforts.
Pushing all these "little" people out of the way to get to the front of the line, then shoves Ms. Mackey over with a bump....ME ME ME ME ME ME over here Linda!!! I want 5 nights...ME ME ME ME!!! Jumping up and down and being my annoying self......

Thanks Linda and Marsha for all the hard work you guys put into this...I am sure that this year will be bigger and better!!!! Now...I am setting up the tent and staking my spot for registrations...and NO ONE BETTER GET IN MY WAY!!!!!.... :rolleyes: :D ;)

WOW!!! How exciting to have something to think about! I'd LOVE 5 nights, and I think the possibility of having a weekend events-only pkg for those who can't be there the whole time would be wonderful.

It's a good idea you have one night open for those who want to go to MVMCP or the Candlelight Processional. I'm almost positive SSB will want to have another Drink Around the World (DATW), too! :D

Thanks, Linda!
Wow that sounds great Linda...

I love the part of everyone booking their own Digs.

I am glad to see you back on the Boards. I hope things calm down a little for you. Of course we will always be here to keep you frazzled...LOL :D
:wave: Hi Linda. :wave: It's nice to see you online again. :) Your holidays sounded very much like "hustle and bustle" LOL ;)

About DIS-Con 2~~~it all sounds absolutely WONDERFUL! :) Thank you so much for all you do. I really appreciate all the time and effort that this must take. You're The Best! :)

Happy New Year Linda.

Oh, and I vote for an extra day. :D
Linda, the plans sound great!!!
I'd love an extra day (I'll be there for 3 weeks anyway:D )
I'd really appreciate it if the breakfasts start at 8 instead of 7........:)

I'm really looking forward to this:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
ok I was thinking on being there from wednesday to saturday ( we will be sailing that day ) so I will get as much as I can.
Thanks for the update Linda , and take it easy girl!!
Linda, Linda!!!! Welcome back!

I want one more day! Yipee! I want one more day! Yipee! It all sounds wonderful. :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

Here am I, you have me bouncing all over again!
:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
Thank you Linda for all the hard work you have put into this already. I want to be included in the 5 night thing too. We were already counting on being there for a week anyway. I really loved the character breakfast. I'm glad you are keeping the Illuminations party too. It was excellent. The treasure hunt sounds like fun. Can't wait for Floyd to get home to tell him.
Hi Linda - you did mention to me that the next one would be bigger and better - sounds FANTASTIC!!! I am eagerly awaiting all the info and making my ressies so I'll be around before and after. Hope you get a chance to catch your breath, with all the work ahead of you.
I think offering a 5 day and weekend only events package would be great, especially for people traveling with families who may not be too into DISing. I would definitely book that weekend package. Thanks for your efforts.
Linda----Being a first timer to DISCON this sounds WONDERFUL,,and thanks for all the info so far,,,, by the way GREAT NAME>>>>

I think the 5 day sounds great !!! Now if I can talk my boss into an extra day off, I'll be really happy.

I think we need to have a special event with all of us "Lindas" :D :D

I think the extra day would be great. Since I am making a long journey to be there - the extra day would be great. The weekend only option is good too - for those who cannot commit to the whole duration.

I sure appreciate all the hard work that goes into planning an event like this. Thank you. :)


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