Unplugged Chit Chat Thread


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Jul 16, 2007
I just noticed today that we have 2 step verification options for logging in.. We like having the extra step.

I had my second Pfizer shot yesterday and I was okay for the first hours until I got sensitive to light levels and my sinus headache had pain increase with the shot side effect. 2 tyenols spaced later..I can tolerate some screen time. The pollens levels were bad even our poor dog had been sneezing a lot.

Dh gets his second dose Moderna in 9 days...then both us get fully vaccinated status and maybe we can plan some fun this summer (dh has to finish his security plus tests plus take another recertification).

Hope y'all are doing well.

Congrats on being "double stuck". Hope the residual side effects go away quickly. Pollen counts have been high here in NJ too, so I've been dealing with an always-somewhat-runny nose, terrible postnasal drip (which makes me clear my throat so much it get s sore), and itchy/watery eyes. Had not had a sinus headache in awhile (used to get them on the regular), but have had a couple in the last few months. Tylenol Sinus is my savior - no other brand works as well.


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Oct 4, 2014
I've been fully vaccinated since February 9, 2021 with Moderna, and definitely felt side effects after the second shot including chills, major fatigue, and cramping.

However, the next day I felt like a million dollars. I'm sure with the J&J news out it's going to make people a lot more hesitant, and I get that. I respect everyone's reasoning for making their personal choices, I just felt like even I could even slightly reduce the risk to bringing it home to my baby I would!