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Apr 9, 2001
I have purchased the 4-park flex ticket and I understand that it entitles me to Universal Express. Reading the info from the official website I can get 3 tickets at a time. Do I need 1 ticket per person or group and is that 3 tickets per flex ticket ie. 12 as there are 4 in the group?
Also the Seaworld website states that the flex ticket is valid for 7 consecutive days but the Universal website says 14 days. If I try to use the ticket after the 7 days at Seaworld - am I going to be let in?
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As for the Flex Ticket, it is good for 14 conescutive days. You can do Sea World on day 1 and again on day 14 if you want.


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We just returned and had a multi-day pass which should, in theory, give us three express passes. What we find was better. Because it was so crowded (spring break) the lines within the express pas ques got so long the attendants simply handed out the express passes which meant you weren't limited in quantity. I did have to show them the four tickets for my party but my tickets were never scanned.

Our approach went something like this -- we always got to the park 15 minutes before opening. Withing an hour we had been on four major rides without using express passes. By then the crowds started forming. My husband took the kids to Seuss Landing and I walked the park picking up as many express passes as possible. We then planned our day around those passes. We were there for three days and never waited in the "normal" line.

We even ended up with express passes we didn't use. It was fun to make someone's day by giving them away as we were entering our hotel's shuttle and another group was just arriving at the park.

I doubt they do this on a regular basis. I'm thinking it was because of the extremely large crowds for Easter.
I went in August last year, and during the mid part of day, the lines were at their worst. My girlfriend and I picked up the express passes and flew through line. I think that some people don't know what they are yet, and are afraid to try them. Give it a shot.
It was extremely useful in U.S. Twister had a hour to 45 minute wait. With our express pass, we came back ten minutes later, and waited five minutes, and that was in the pre-show area.

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