Universal Express like Fast Pass?


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Nov 18, 2000
Can anyone tell me if the Universal Express works like Disney Fast Pass. Do you have to put your entry ticket into a machine? Is this available at all attractions? I have a multi-day pass which I believe entitles me to hold 3 passes at once. Do I have to visit the relevant attraction to collect a pass or can I get one from another location? I will be visiting over Easter so intend to make full use of this service. Any advice would be great.

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It is very much like Disney's Fastpass, although better:

- Kiosks are out in front of each ride so, like Fastpass, you have to walk to each attraction to pick up an Express Pass.

- It is available at EVERY attraction (unlike Disney) except P-Flyers, Front rows of Hulk & Dragons, Woody's Coaster, and Fievel's water slide.

- Multi-Day passholders (like yourself) can hold up to 3 at one time (unlike Disney that limits you to one at a time - or at least every 2 hours).

- Yes, you have to use your entry ticket at each kiosk.

Hope this helps!


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