Turkey burgers on the grill

Dropping an egg into a bowl of ground meat is hard? I guess the extra couple of seconds seems super easy to me and the result is fantastic and much healthier. But no judgement. Everyone has different food preferences.
Yeah, I'm a plain ground beef patty kind of guy, otherwise, as my wife says, it's meatloaf. I also don't put milk in scrambled eggs.
Recently gave the Butterball Frozen Turkey Burgers a try, and I loved them. Toss them on the grill and came off each time very juicy and good flavor. We use some Johnny's Season Salt on them. We're getting more. They also have a Sweet Onion Seasoned version I want to try.
Had one for lunch. Not bad.
@tvguy I know I was petty shocked, my wife a self described burger snob said it was "good" but the proof was a week later she wanted to have another. We picked up some the Sweet Onion this weekend. Curious to give those a try. It just a nice change of pace.
Since it's leaner, fat is important to making turkey burgers awesome, either in the patty or as a topping.
Also, I find letting a turkey burger be "its own thing" vs a "replacement for a beef burger" is also important for getting folks to love them. So, it's never pickles/onions/ketchup/mustard as a combo on my turkey burger b/c that's so classic on beef...Instead, it's:

A turkey club burger (topped with bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo or dijoniase)
Or a Thanksgiving burger (topped with cranberry aoili and served OR topped with sweet potato chips/fries)
Or turkey maple bacon (topped with brown sugar bacon and a maple aoili)

Cheese should be American or Harvarti or Pepper Jack - those cheeses you like naturally with turkey, depending on the burger (I can't have cheese, so I lean on the avocado and mayo and the bacon options for my fat)...
YUM! This sounds incredible.
We like to do a Mediterranean version - add feta, kalamata olives, spinach and some sun dried tomatoes to the meat and mix in before forming the patties. Sooooo good.


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