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Jul 29, 2008
Instead of using descriptive and relative terms, maybe we can have a thread that collects some data (measurements) about rider size for Tron - things that could help people get a general perspective of what to expect when they try the test seat. I realize we only have cast member previews happening but as more previews happen we should be able to get some additional data (or from test seat experiences). Since calf size seems to be the issue, I suggest we could start with calf circumference, distance from knee to ankle, and whatever other measurements people want to share and how the restraints fit when you rode it. Weight doesn’t seem to be as much of a factor as does some body measurements.

This is such a sensitive topic I hope we can keep it scientific and supportive. Everyone has individual circumstances in life and no one should feel like whether or not they fit on Tron reflects anything more than whether or not they fit on this one rollercoaster. As a person with larger calves no matter what my weight is, it still made me feel bad about myself to think I might not be able to ride this. I won’t be going until June but I will definitely report back with the hope that it helps other in their planning.


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May 23, 2000
The concensus seems to be Tron is easier for larger guests then FoP.

A number of larger posters have posted their dimensions and said they fit.

I'm not volunteering, someone could go through the posts and summarize.

Height, wait and distribution vary among individuals. I don't know much help this info would be.


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Jul 21, 2017
Moral of the story, folks just have to try and see if it works. As the cm get better on coaching guests on how to adjust their bodies, more people will be able to ride it. The same thing happened when FOP was brand new, a lot of people were turned away as the CM didn't know how to get folks situated properly and I'm sure this probably caused a lot of people undue grief. I've heard several vloggers of size indicate that they won't ride tron until the kinks have been worked out, and may not ever be able to. I agree with PP, adding data on calf sizes sounds like it won't amount to much helpful info since there are other factors at play, someone's flexibility, overall maneuverability and other restrictions, etc. Observing people get into the test seat, many struggled to get their feet and upper bodies where they need to be to get the leg restraints to lock. Even if your calves meet the "rideable size", some people may not be able to get the restraints to come out.


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Oct 16, 2009
Not visiting until middle of May, so hopefully they will have the bugs worked out and a CM can tell by looking at you if you will fit.


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Dec 10, 2019
A Touring Plans article mentioned it may be more difficult for people who are very tall or have large calf size.

My brother falls into both those and could not ride FOP, and back when the sizer was available for Tron pre-Covid in 2020, he also did not fit.


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Aug 5, 2019
Not endorsing… butTinTracker video from Opening Day seems to have an excellent explanation as he samples the Tron Cycle on display and a CastMember explains the concerns he hoped to address for his viewers.
I hope you can find it if you are worried .
I think the issue for me was feeling uncomfortable … and trying to get off the cycle .
I also noticed many of the guests did not ride with their upper body resting on cycle. As they looked to be upright as I watched them after I had my turn . They were riding with their hands up and not really holding on tothe handlebars. It looked like it was more fun in that position .
Kinda like when you are onanyrollercoasterand want to “look at me No hands “

Those handlebars are a ribbed design that is not very comfortable to grip.

I do like that the “instructions” specifically mention to remember to:
Kneel , lean forward , grip and pull handlebar towards you to lock in place .

It was fun …(Cosmic Rewind is more fun )

And therefore will probably be more popular than ever with longer lines now!
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Jul 19, 2011
Theme Park Express has a super helpful YT video using the test devices to show you how best to position yourself and how the CALVES are the bigger issue than, say, your torso. The metal bars that swing out to lock your calves in place can be a problem if they catch you on the thickest part of your calf, which why you can alter your leg angle and such to fit.
He says he's 5'5" and 330lbs, practiced on the test vehicle and had no problem on the real thing. He felt like it's better than FoP, and that the accommodation cars were more comfortable than Guardians.
Your calf measurement might be the most helpful thing you can post.
ETA: Paging Mr. Morrow's video is a good example of how someone inexperienced won't fit, and then fit in a second try. Looks like you either want the bar to hit high on the calf in the crook of your knee or below the meaty part.
It really looks like a small calf space, possibly for the sake of locking in kids and other small people. I expect to hear some lean guy who never misses leg day to report not fitting because of his muscular calves, for real.
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