Trip Report - Emerald Isle 2009 - Part 6


Me Wants the Medianoche!
Oct 2, 2007
Wednesday 05/27/2009 Day 5 of Tour

Ring around the Kenmare

The breakfast buffet at Killarney Plaza is very nice also with a large selection of items. Same procedure as the Westin, give your name/room number and the hostess will seat you.

This morning we awoke to our only morning of rain. There was a scheduled short walking tour with the guides in the park area that is very close to the hotel. There were about 8 of us that chose to venture out this morning in the drizzle. We did manage to see some red deer on our walk.

The walkers met the others back at the hotel to board our coach for the Kenmare Bay Eco-Cruise. Several chose to take Dramamine for this bit. It was a wet, windy, bouncy boat ride. Somehow it was good fun and you had the feeling you were seeing the 'real' weather side of life on the western coast of Ireland. Luckily there are tables and seats in the covered downstairs area of the boat and they were serving coffee or hot chocolate to help ward off the chill. We did manage to see some seals but there was quite a bit of mist.

After the boat ride we coached to the town of Kenmare. Here we walked the short distance to a small stone circle site.

Kenamre Bay as the sun was starting to shine.

Lunch was on our own and several of us headed for the Fish & Chips shop suggested by the guides. Afterwards we walked around town. It was market day so the streets were full of vendors selling fresh produce, seafood, cheeses, etc.

Back at the Killarney Plaza Hotel it was now time for Cheese Tasting and Irish Dancing. This was a great group exercise. Luckily they served wine with the cheese before they wanted us to dance. The Irish girls were so cute in their costumes and could really move their feet.

We had great participation for this event. I think all of us danced at least one dance.

Dinner was on our own but my daughter and I weren’t terribly hungry after the cheese and wine. We decided to go watch the Barcelona vs Manchester United Football Match at a 'sports' pub, Danny Mann’s. A great time with very friendly people. Quite a few Irish were for Barcelona just because Barcelona isn’t English. You’ll hear from several local guides why the Irish aren’t fond of the English.

After the game we met some others at Sheehan’s for one of the best 'Irish' evenings of the trip for me. I sat at a table with an Irish couple and we sang all the songs that had audience participation. There was a German woman there too and we just had the best time. I think it helps that we were all on holiday. The Irish even come to Killarney for vacation. It’s just a gorgeous spot.

I guess you have seen by now that pubs entered into our fun quite a bit. The pubs in Ireland aren’t like anything we have at home, at least in our little town. No smoking which is a big plus; some serve food, some don’t. Mainly they are a place just to relax in the evening and have a good sing and chat with people. I really enjoyed this aspect of Ireland. You weren’t sitting in the room watching TV or reading a book. It gave one the opportunity to mix with others and have a good time in a friendly atmosphere.

Part Seven


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Nov 14, 2007
OOO! This looks like a great TR- loved this post- going to look for the rest!!:goodvibes

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Sep 2, 2008
I'm loving your TR -- especially all your pics! I'm big into scenic photography.

Reading this doesn't spoil the surprise for me, it's makes even more excited to go. I love knowing what I should be looking forward to. I'm especially anxious to check out pubs since you had such a great time there. :woohoo:


DIS Veteran
Jul 14, 2008
I'm enjoying your trip reports a lot. I plan to take this one with my mom (who will be 71 at the time), and my daughters, who will be 7 and 6. My mom has been before (about 10 years ago or so), and wants to go again, so I thought this would be a nice trip for the three generations. I'm starting to get excited, even though I don't have dates yet and won't know when we're going until August!