To Owner's Locker or Not - Does the cost make sense?


Jun 10, 2018
We looked at getting owner's locker when we first bought in 2011, but since we drive every time, and have a van, we just bring everything we need. But we pack a LOT, like everything but the kitchen sink. DH took his first trip in March, where he flew, and he really missed a lot of the 'stuff' we bring. So, if we every had to switch to flying, or driving a smaller vehicle, or just decide we dont' want to drag all the stuff with us, we'd definitely consider an OL.
IF we had one, I'd include the Keurig (I bring one every trip,) ponchos, shoes we only wear at Disney, (like Crocs,) extra beach towels, ziploc bags, small tupperware (for Epcot festivals,) power strips, Disney themed clothes, scissors, maybe extra blanket, assorted kitchen items, just all kinds of stuff. After we get rid of the van next year (I hate driving that tank around town here,) we may consider OL


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Nov 10, 2005
That's definitely one of my favorite things about it! Right up there with the 2-5 minute walk to your car in the lot. And, as my friend says, you're always first in line for takeoff at ACY.
For the short flights to Florida, you can't beat it.


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May 12, 2008
The convenience is more than worth the cost to me. Justifying it based on baggage fees or other expenses you may save on is understandable, but ultimately it's a small price to pay to have a box of all your stuff waiting for you every time. Not to mention having Gain detergent, hair ties, sunscreen, log cabin syrup (the "natural" stuff that comes with the breakfast platters is terrible these days!), salt&pepper shakers, stepson's GameCube, and all kinds of other random things we use every time and don't have to (or can't) carry through the airport or fit in a suitcase.

If you do want to consider potential cost savings, it's $27.50 per delivery. DW has twice forgotten her phone charger in the past few years, and the extra lightning cable in the purple bin offset the cost of that one emergency purchase lol.


Aug 14, 1998
I have looked at it a few times and I'd love to make it work, to avoid paying for bag fees and take with me a large bag on an intercontinental flight every time. Unfortunately Universal doesn't allow pickups or deliveries at their hotels anymore and this is a deal breaker, as I always end a trip at Universal.
If you have a rental car, Owner's Locker is on the way from the airport and you can pick up your locker and take it back on the return trip to the airport.

Just a consideration since Universal no longer allows deliveries.


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May 9, 2008
We've had an Owner's Locker for over 5 years and love it even though we drive almost all the time. So much easier to have all the essentials just delivered when you need them. Main things I love having is my Brita water pitcher and my house slippers. We usually make 2 trips a year, sometimes 3.


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Aug 24, 2000
I keep a mini pharmacy in there. And when one of the children traveling with us came down with a cold - Yes they were tested for COVID; it was negative- It was nice to make them comfortable in the middle of the night without someone having to drive over to Walmart which is not 24 hours at the moment. Also moleskine for two of the adults who developed hideous blisters. I just started my third owner's locker in anticipation of my grandson beginning to travel with us and needing to bring a pail and shovel, beachball and all those other fun things that a child truly enjoys.
I keep extra bowls to hold fruit and oil essence burners that work off of USB I keep extra mice for our computers because we often come down and work while we're there so that we can come more often. I keep my special DVC robe in there. We keep a set of heavier clothes in case we're here in the off season when it's chilly. Swim goggles, bathing suits, pool shoes. I keep lucite containers so that I can organize everything in the bathroom and not have it spread out all over the counters. They're wonderful things for a very small price to pay considering the overall cost of vacation.
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Jan 21, 2020
On our most recent trip, in June, we added a lightweight Disney blanket so I can sit on the couch and read without freezing!
My MVP item! The Disney blanket from the Orlando outlet mall. It was tough giving up my robe for it, but it has been in constant use.

Checking bags is a nightmare at my home airport and MCO is all over the place, especially lately. Owner's Locker is worth it to me to avoid checking anything.

I can think of a lot of reasons I might talk a family out of an Owner's Locker when it isn't a good fit, but the cost wouldn't be one of them.