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Earning My Ears
Dec 12, 2000
I have a set of 4 4-day tickets from 3 years ago - I don't think they were the 'hopper' back then. Each of these old tickets have a min of one day - some have two days left. I also just purchased from AAA 4-day Hopper tickets. When I get to Disney (March 21) - can my resort (CSR) combine these tickets? I don't want to lose any "days" credit - but I also don't want to carry a bunch of these cards around. When/If they can be combined - can I also use the tickets to charge back to my room?
okay your new tickets have AK on them - the old ones do not (might not have MGM if they are really old) - so I don't think the tickets can be combined (without a charge). I would take the old tickets and when I was sure that the MK and Epcot were all I wanted to see on that day use them.

Your room key is also a charge card and if you want your tickets. (it is the first two without being the third).


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