Three Things...Gratitude Thread

Extra grateful green things: dollars to be blessed to have in general and to be able to use for necessities and most meaningfully in some way of faithful service to the Lord. Dad and I have a green water cup and couch pillow. Green in general brings to my mind Easter and Spring--rebirth literally through my faith and all fresh green life outdoors growing, too.

Dad postcard surprise update. Do any of you live in or know anyone who lives in the following states: Idaho, Montana, or New Jersey? If YES, please PM me asap! I have extra blank postcards from each of these states. I would love someone living in them to PM/email (I would give you my email address to give a non Disboard member if needed) me a message for my dad that I could print out and paste onto the postcard. No snail mail required. Thank you so very much. Please let me know by the end of this coming week. God Bless You.
Glad that I like the color green because I have come home from Costco thinking I bought a brown type shirt but it is actually green. Not totally color blind, just can't tell the diff between the two. 🙃

The Boston Celtic green - Larry Bird was my grandpa's favorite player along with me. I was able to tuck one of Birds basketball cards in his casket.

The Green Monster in Fenway Park. Traveled from WA in 2017 with my son for our first visit to Boston. Had seats atop the Monster, singing along with everyone else to Sweet Caroline. Amazing!

Socks - always hunting for the perfect socks - soft but not too soft / thick but not too thick / then height - depends on what you want them for - sometimes color comes into play - but after awhile your desperate for some nice cozy socks !! I’m always grateful when I find the perfect socks that don’t cost me a couple organs to purchase !!! I myself love colorful socks !
Always open to hear about your brands of socks ! It’s a constant battle as socks I like disappear and aren’t sold any more

The pic made me think of blankets - colorful cute little throw blankets - I may have 20 or more in various colors for various holidays ! Always grateful for a blanket to snuggle up with !!!

Cozy comfy - comfy sweatpants or leggings - I myself prefer something wild on the print - I normally don’t get solid colors - my stuff is loud and bright and colorful and I’m grateful for how comfortable it is and the fact my work attire is super casual !
I'm going to second socks themselves as well. I love fun/novelty socks - have a lot of short ones for summer (Disney, animals, etc.) and a lot of longer holiday ones I've started wearing now.

More cozy things:

A warm mug of coffee on a cold rainy day ☕️ (yesterday!)

Our gas fireplace - creates a cozy atmosphere so quickly and easily!

Good Monday Morning!

I love fun socks, so I’m just going to stick with socks….

#1 - I’m grateful for my holiday socks - I’m crazy in love with fun holiday socks - I have so many of them. I’m starting to wear them today ❤️🤍💚

#2 - I’m grateful for my Harry Potter socks - my DH bought them for me a few years ago (there’s about 5 or 6 pairs). He knows I’d never buy them for myself (self proclaimed cheapskate- LOL), so he bought them for me - I love them - so fun! 🪄❤️

#3 - I’m grateful for my yorkie socks (aka my Sophie socks) - my DH bought these for me too and I really liked them when Sophie was alive, but now that she’s passed away I love them ❤️
I am obsessed with candles/wax melts/oil diffusers and constantly have one of those going at all times

The scent beads I use in our laundry(Downy light Ocean mist)

I don't often wear perfume...but have been wearing Pink Sugar for years-I love how it smells a little different on every person that wears it-I can usually pick up on it if someone near me is wearing it, but every person's body chemistry is different and makes it unique-I find that kind of neat
Sock day!

1. When I was a kid and every family gave to everyone, my mom was the sock aunt - she always gave everyone fun socks. So much fun!

2. The argyle on the picture reminds me of my favorite sweaters when I was in high school. I had an argyle cardigan that I just loved!

3. Socks also make me think of fall/winter - I don't wear socks much at all in the summer, so it's fun to change it up in the fall/winter!
Sock-inspired things...

My Christmas socks! I have enough pairs to wear a different pair every day between Thanksgiving and New Year's. Putting them on each day is like greeting old friends! I think my favorites are my Nutcracker socks. DD was part of a touring ballet company when she was in high school. I'd wear my Nut socks to every show, even the years when they'd do 10 shows a season. They are tattered and worn now, but I save them to wear to one Nut production from her old company.

I have a fuzzy blanket that I love to snuggle down with on a cold winter's night.

Plaid! My mom loved plaid and would make us each a plaid jumper and a plaid dress every year when we were kids- she even made a plaid jumper for DD when she was little! While I don't love plaid, one of my very favorite skirts (that I made) was plaid. Sure wish I still had it.
I am not a sock person at all. My feet are almost always hot so even when I wear socks outside the house when it’s cold, I take them off as soon as I can when I get home.

I do enjoy picking out fuzzy socks for my kids though. I usually put a pair or two in each of their Christmas stockings.

My husband has slippers that he wears almost year round. We bought them years ago and they have held up amazingly well. I love a well made product that lasts.

Christmas stockings—I enjoy putting together a nice stocking for my husband, daughters and the person I draw in the extended family—we don’t exchange gifts with my sisters and brothers-in-law—we draw names at Thanksgiving and do a stocking for that person.
This has happened to me, too, with a sweater. It's the fluorescent lighting, isn't it?!
I would love to blame it on the lighting but in my case I just wasn't in the right line when God was handing out true color vision that day. 😊

I like the green limes that rest in my bottle of Corona as I sit on the beach digging my toes in the sand in Cannon Beach, OR. There I can breathe....

Today's Topic (Tues, 12/5) - 3 Disney things you're grateful for

(Yes, this is a topic I repeat every once in a while - but it does tend to be an easy one for filksw on a Disney board! :rotfl2: )
Have you seen the advent sock calendars for Christmas? A different pair every day in December until Christmas- they hey DISNEY and Harry Potter I saw them at Target
I haven’t - I’ll check it out 🙂👍🏻


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