Thinking of doing an exchange.It seems complicated! Any advice?

Discussion in 'DVC Member Services' started by eeyoresmom, Jul 4, 2007.

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    We are thinking of doing an exchange in April '8 or '09. We live in New England and are thinking of somewhere within a days drive that will have decent weather in April ( Virginia??? ) Any advice?? Is there a way to research the available timeshares beforehand? As you can tell, I am totally culeless. Where do I begin? TIA:confused:
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    Jun 9, 2000
    Here's a link to the World Passport Collection (Interval International) resorts:

    If that link doesn't work, log in on the disney vacation club site and click on Member Getaways, then World Passport Collection, then click on the underlined word "Interval International", then click on the underlined word "resort locations."

    Williamsburg, Virginia at Marriott's Manor Club would be a nice resort to try. It's on my list to try. Here's a link for Marriott's Manor Club resort:

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