Thinking about going...Have a few questions though...

Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by Mark P., Jul 24, 2001.

  1. Mark P.

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    Aug 19, 1999

    Thinking about a trip next year to Disney Land, and just have a few questions-my apologies if these have been asked and answered here already:)

    1) Having been to WDW many times, I'm aware of the Disney Travel Co. "pushing" package deals, but is it possible to get a room only at the Grand Californian? And if so, are there dates available to possible get a Disney Club Rate?

    2) As a Disney Club Member, can I purchase park tickets separately at a discounted rate?

    3) We are probably looking at a 4 day/5night stay, and focus out trip on DL and Calif. Adv. Is this enough time to get it all in?

    4) Easter is on March 31st. next year, would it be very crowded around the second week of March?

    and lastly (for now),

    5) How's the weather in early to mid March in Calif.?

    Thanks Alot!!

  2. tinkandme

    tinkandme Mouseketeer

    Jun 18, 2001
    I hope someone can help you more than me.
    What I do now is, The Grand Calif. is a great hotel, we were there in May for our first time.
    The hotel has a great location, one way out of the hotel is Calif adventure, the other way is DL, and your walking thru their version of DD. We did both parks in a weekend, Which I thought was plenty of time. Just remember 1 park 1 ticket! Unless something is different or I never found out but, you have to buy a ticket for each park for each day there is no parkhopping on one ticket.
    good luck!
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  4. Miss Jasmine

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    May 23, 2001
    I am not an expert, but here's what I think:

    1) You can get room only at the Grand Californian and you can always inquire about a Disney Club rate.
    2) Tickets can be bought using Disney Club rate. All 3 day or more passes are park hoppers.
    3) My family spent 5 days and found it to be a good amount of time. We took the time to enjoy Downtown Disney, also.
    I have no idea about questions 4 and 5. :)

    Happy Planning!
  5. Michelle

    Michelle <font color=darkgreen><i>"It's like Lord of the Fl

    Apr 21, 2000
    To answer questions 4 and 5:

    4) Spring break season here is March and April, and you will likely run into the spring break crowd the second week in March. However, since it's not Easter week you won't be hitting the peak crowds.

    5) The weather here in March is unpredictable anymore; we've had cooler and wetter than normal winters and springs the past couple of years. Expect anything from highs in the 70s (with an occasional odd warm spell that could hit the 80s) to lows in the 40s at night. No matter what, the evenings are cool here, but the days are usually moderate.

    Have fun! :)
  6. Miss Jasmine

    Miss Jasmine Time for something new!<BR><font color=limegreen><

    May 23, 2001
    Here's the number to call for Rooms Only (this is where you will find the best deal. You'll have to ask as they will not volunteer the information): (714) 956-6425 and select Option 3.
  7. LuvTigger

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    Jul 3, 2000
    I am not a big fan of WDW packages as most of them usually are not "worth it" when you break down the cost of individual items and weigh them against the package price.

    At DL however, I think packages may at least break even. I was researching for my October trip and got quotes from DU at the GC for 3 nights, theme park view, for 2 adults. I received quotes for room only and Resort Magic Package, and the package was only $100 more than room only.

    The package (for 2 adults) includes 2 3-day park hoppers, magic morning breakfast (I paid a little extra and upgraded to character breakfast at GC), 2 pin lanyards, $10 ESPN game card, and I'm not sure what else, I think a coupon booklet too.

    DC also saved me about $100 off the package price (10% off room portion).

    Since you have time, be sure to shop around and compare the individual components as opposed to a package. Also, when you call the resort # that Jasmine listed, see what other deals they're offering in addition to DC. Sometimes you can get a better deal with other promotions they are running.

    Happy planning!
  8. Euphscott

    Euphscott DIS Veteran

    Jan 26, 2000
    I too would suggest pricing a package with the Disney Club. We did and found that the package deal only cost $10 more than if we did thinsg separately. They throw in some fluffy extras and you only pay one bill. Being a Cruise line fan, you can understand the desire to do everything so nice and convenient!

    We are staying at GC in October with a four day package. We were quite pleased with the service provided by the Disney Club in booking.

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