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Discussion in 'Disney World Tips' started by Turtle31, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. Turtle31

    Turtle31 DIS Veteran

    Jan 24, 2008
    UPDATED Sept. 6th, 2013

    Leaving for the world in 33 days so I am going through to add to the list - if I have missed something important feel free to message me as this list has sure continued to grow !!

    The most EXCITING thing I get to add to the list this year is : MAGIC BANDS !!! Woo HOO ! We get to test out the new system and the will arrive at my house in the next week ! So excited ;)

    Okay so I thought it might be fun and helpful. Let's start a list of important things... that we always seem to forget or not think of until it is too late.... it will help us all !!! I have started a box in the closet.

    Here is the amazing list we have compiled so far :

    1.) Misting Fans (2 for a family of 4)
    2.) Pin trading landyard to hold disney tickets and fastpasses.
    3.) Cell phone charger - suggested to put in carry-on
    4.) Camera ...( Camcorder and still )
    5.) Anitbac wipes
    6.) pop-up hamper
    7.) Passporter, Hidden Mickey Guide Book,Scavenger Hunt book etc.
    8.) Disney Stuffed Animals and Room Decorations
    9.) Over the door shoe organizer for toiletries
    10.) Ziplocs - ( to keep things dry on water rides, multiple other uses)
    11.) Imodium- D / Tums / Gas- X
    12.)Advil /tylenol/aleeve
    13.) Band-Aids/ blister block band-aids
    15.)Backpack or tote- (to carry all the %#@* in) LOL --- I LOVE my Vera Bradley one because it is small yet has a ton of pockets and compartments.
    16.) Every medicine known to mankind - ward off evil spirts !! :rolleyes1
    17.) Extension cord/ power strip
    18.) small pack of laundry detergent. small bottle of Tide. Good for 2 loads. It was $1 at Target or Purex all in one laundry sheets
    19.)spray deodrant for your feet
    20.) chapstick
    21.) sunblock (at least SPF 50)- and water/sweat proof
    22.) sunblock face stick
    23.) aloe gel for after the burn- when you forget to use 21 &22
    24.) chewing gum (disney doesn't sell this )- probably don't want to find it on the bottom of Dumbo !!
    25.) ipod/ ipod charger
    26.) hand held video games (Nintendo gameboy,DS,DS lite,PSP) and the charger for said unit
    27.) Extra AAA batteries - for misting fans, and camera
    28.) Ponchos
    29.) watershoes
    30.)extra shoes - (for when normal shoes become water-shoes)
    31.) glowsticks
    32.) sunglasses
    33.) homework/journal for kids- flash cards,voc. words,math, anything to keep the little brain going
    34.) extra contacts & contact solution, contact case
    35.) to- go coffee cups,coffe and filters
    36.) cooler bag to bring in drinks and snacks
    37.) Big metal clips (to keep curtains closed to keep it dark)
    38.) pop-up baskets for various items on desk or table
    39.) Pre-made envelopes for mousekeeping
    40.) Lysol (for bathroom) :scared1:
    41.) koolaid/crystal lite singles,tea bags, hot chocolate ( anything to cover taste of nasty water lol)
    42.) snack foods- dry cereal
    43.) Big sun hat - visor or hat to keep the head from getting burned !
    44.) Cork screw
    45.) M&M's container fo pennies and quarters to use pressed penny machines & pressed penny book
    46.) Autograph book (if you already own this item)
    47.) Chunky Pen/Sharpie for characters to sign
    48.) hand sanitizer
    49.) hair scrunchies
    50.) glasses & hard eyeglass case, repair kit for glasses -hard case recommended because of things getting squished
    51.) list of credit cards and 800 #'s in case of lose of cards
    52.) Pal Mickey - (I do remember reading something about ripping the poor guys head off LMAO) :rotfl2:
    53.) paper bowls and plastic spoons for cereal in room
    54.)stroller & clear shower curtain w/ large clips - (to keep stroller dry = dry bottom :) )
    55.)underwater camera -( for either rain or typhoon lagoon :) )
    56.) earplugs- for loud fireworks or to prevent swimmers ear
    57.) antenna balls - one to help find your rent-a- car ( Wal-Mart smiley or something different)
    58.) anything you use to collect autographs - (t-shirts,hats)
    59.)Dramamine (non-drowsy) (motion sickness tablets)
    60.) beach towels (for waterparks)
    61.)book to read on plane or during down-time ( I can't believe we even uttered the words "down-time" :) )
    62.) SD cards for camera
    63.) boarding passes if printed ahead of time / airplane tickets
    64.) small size bottle of Dawn dishwashing soap (for washing out re-fillable mugs and sippies at hotel room)
    65.) List of ADR's - (these can be printed out at disney resort upon check-in)
    66.) sheets and air-mattress if driving-
    67.) nail clippers & tweezers - manicure kit with everything - can be purchased at Wal-Mart at Christmas time.
    68.) tide to go pen or shout stain remover, Spray and Wash stain stick
    69. )powder
    70.)Body Glide- or anything for chaffing - vaseline - Bord. Butt Paste
    73.) dental floss
    75.) Disney Dollars/gift cards
    76.) Princess costumes to be worn to CRT or Norway Princess Breakfast
    77.) portable dvd player for car/plane ride
    78.) Suction cup hooks for any tile area
    79.)Extra nightlights
    80.) bath tub mat for slick bottom of tub
    81.) Your own pillow
    82.) Clothing of all kinds - ( Shirts,pants,jeans,skirts,underwear,pj's,bras,socks,jackets,hoodies,shorts,costumes,swimsuits)
    83.) Shaving Cream,razors and lotion for those dry legs after shaving
    84.) Hair gel/mousee
    86.)make-up of all sorts
    87.) cash / travelers checks / credit cards-(I would suggest leaving these at home actually :) )
    88.) Kleenex
    89.) Q-tips
    90.) body lotion
    91.) Drivers License or state ID - needed to board plane
    92.) Magic Express Tickets
    93.) First-Aid kit - in case we haven't covered all the meds lol
    94.) Swimming diapers
    95.) Tear-free shampoo
    96.) Personalized Maps of the parks
    97.) Small travel sewing kit (97 cents)- for scissors,needles and thread
    98.) Extra disposable cameras (let the kiddos take some pictures)
    99.) Insulin,heart medication, and any other prescription meds that your family needs !!
    100.) Small screwdriver... for putting new battries in misting fans and light up toys
    101.) AZO,cranberry pills ... any pres. drugs to ward off bladder infections
    102.) Solarcaine
    103. )clothespins -laundry bag for delicates
    104.)liquid hand soap for the sink (softsoap pump)
    105.) couple air freshners. (the kind that just sit, not plug in)
    106.) packets of Sweet N Low
    107.) network cable (cat 5) & USB cables (so you can dump digital camera to laptop everynight)
    108.) Don't forget the laptop !!
    109.)bottle of Fabreeze
    110.)glasses cleaner
    111.) hair straightener & anti-frizz shampoo
    113.) Blankets- (especially if you have a long car drive ) -airlines have also discontinued having blankets available post swine flu out-break
    114.)feminine products
    115.) midol- (we don't want anyone getting arrested at dumbo do we !!)
    116.)Cue cards so we can write down our ADRs for the day, any special tour/parade times, brief itinerary, etc. ** great idea
    117.)Printouts of our touring plans
    118.)Light sweaters to bring into the parks with us because some air conditioned restaurants can get pretty chilly!!
    119.)Change for the laundry machines
    120.) Calling cards, so we can phone friends and family at home without paying crazy long distance rates from cell phones
    121.)Fanny pack
    122.) Passports (if flying internationally).
    123.)dryer sheets (good to keep clothes in your suitcase smelling nice too)
    124.)body wash and body puff
    126.) deodrant
    127.) perfume
    128.)make-up remover
    129.) wrink release spray
    130.) individual cereal boxes
    131.) case of bottled water (delievered to room by grocery service)
    132.) Travel Games : Rummykub, Uno,Deck of cards
    133.) water bottle carabiner
    134.) Snacks for the plane - (now you don't even get the peanuts for free )!!
    135.) Microfiber cloths- (for drying of the ride seats after a hard rain- or for drying your feet.)
    136.) AXE bodyspray "bullets"
    138.) Noodles or floaties for the resort pool
    139.) Stamps and labels with addresses already printed on them or address book
    140.) Bars of soap for face and body if you prefer a certain type or are allergic
    141.) Temp. Tattoos with your phone number to put on young kids in case they get lost.
    142.) 3M hooks and a dark shower curtain from the dollar store to create your own privacy curtain early in the morning at the value resorts.
    143.)Leatherman all-in-one tool to fix anything and everything !
    144.) Gloves or mittens if going when it is chilly.
    145.) Anti- itch cream
    146.) Small flashlight in case lights go out. (Never had this happen - knock on wood)
    147.) Small folding stool so little ones can reach the sink.
    148.) Great tip - Cut up a sponge into smaller pieces and put soap onto sponge, let it dry,then put into ziploc and when you arrive use sponges as needed to clean mugs or whatever needed !
    149.) Lint Roller
    150.) Fast food or any coupons for resturants if driving to DW.
    151.) Small disposable bathroom cups for rinsing
    152.) Disney Visa - needed for special meet n greet
    153.)orthodontic equipment, such as retainers, containers for retainers, wax for new braces or newly tightened braces, elastics for braces etc, as well as a number for your orthodontist in case there's an emergency (broken braces or your retainer gets thrown out etc).
    154.) Reusable water bottles - CM's will fill with ice for you :)
    155.) Brita Water Pitcher - make your own great tasting water and save on plastic.
    156.) Shout Color Catcher
    157.) Birth control ( in case screaming kids in line isn't enough LMAO )
    158.) Candied Ginger for nausea.
    159.) Small set of battery operated christmas lights to illuminate your stroller ;)
    160.) Corkscrew
    161.)Bug repellent or citronella bracelet
    162.) Clear Backpack to make entry quicker
    163.) Dog tag or temp tattoo for young children in case they get lost and don't know phone number etc.
    164.) MAGIC BANDS !! Remember to keep in luggage as these will be replacing our Magical Express tickets once the systerm goes live for everyone !!


    Great tips that have also been collected :

    1.) You can pre-ship your stuff to your resort to avoid paying extra baggage fee on plane.
    2.) Make sure you have left emergency contact info with neighbors/family members
    3.) Don't forget to make arrangements for pets in advance. Make sure all shots are up to date at least 2 weeks prior to leaving.
    4.) Take updated pictures of your children and have all the info (height,weight,age,hair color) handy just in case.
    5.) Write down all credit card info and 800 numbers - keep in place other than purse/wallet in case these items get lost.
    6.) Make photocopies of your tickets in case of lose.
    7.) Take photos of kids in a couple "same places" every trip to show how much they have grown since the last trippie.
    8.) Bells to put on the door, so in case kiddos decide to try and make a run for it while your fixing your hair :9.)
    9.) Do not leave chairs on balcony when you are not outdoors - so young children will not stand on them..
    10.) Garden Grocers can deliver food to your hotel room.

    I will update the list as each person adds what they think we all need in our basket of must takes........
  2. jheigl

    jheigl Spaceship Earth Junky

    Sep 20, 2006
    Cell phone chargers, cameras, toiletries...just to name a few!
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  4. 3"Mouse"keteers

    3"Mouse"keteers DIS Veteran

    Jan 24, 2008
    Ziploc bags, pop up hamper, antibacterial wipes, over the door shoe organizer for toiletries, passporter or other guide books, disney stuffed animals and other room decorations........
  5. Turtle31

    Turtle31 DIS Veteran

    Jan 24, 2008

    Nice... I would have forgot the wipes for sure ! Mine are 9 and 4 but always making a mess. Hadn't given any thought to an over the door shoe organ.for toiletries... does this really help? And total dumb question... but what are you using the ziploc bags for ?
  6. 3"Mouse"keteers

    3"Mouse"keteers DIS Veteran

    Jan 24, 2008
    Lots of great uses! Use ziploc baggies to put cell phone and wallet into for water rides and/or rainy days at the parks. Also the gallon size are great for putting wet clothes into when your kids change until you get back to the resort. Some people have even suggested putting a wet washcloth into them and taking into the park so that you can take them out and cool yourself down when it gets so hot. I'm sure there are other uses, but I'm about half asleep right now!

    As far as the organizer, I haven't tried it out yet but several others highly recommend it especially in resorts with limited sink space such as the contemporary.
  7. Turtle31

    Turtle31 DIS Veteran

    Jan 24, 2008
    Okay I am SOLD on the over the door organizer. I just thought about those pedstal sinks at the POR mansions.. where would I put all our stuff ... See I knew this would help !!!
    I will also add ziplocs.... I may need them to keep stuff dry !!
  8. Harambe

    Harambe I miss Tapestry of Dreams!

    Mar 30, 2003
    Imodium-D! I never leave home without it. I refuse to get all the way to Disney and be side-lined with stomach troubles!

    Advil. The cost of any OTC drugs at Disney is ridiculous. Each gift shop has Advil or Tylenol in back where the CMs are. A small pouch with one dose is like $2, so I always bring my own. At the end of the day this Pooh-sized gal needs some help with the ol' joints!
  9. Scottneon

    Scottneon Earning My Ears

    Feb 22, 2006
    Band-Aids ( for boo boo's )
    Backpack ( to carry all the *%*# in ) LOL
    Every medicine known to mankind ( if I forget it you know I will need it ) LOL
  10. smnornes

    smnornes Mouseketeer

    Dec 15, 2005
    last year I bought a toiletries organizer that has a hook to hang from a door, shower curtain, door hook,etc. It is one of the best items I travel with now! It keeps the mess off the small vanity area (a lifesaver on our last cruise!). I found it at Walmart for $9.
    Also, I also always bring a pop-up hamper. Again, it keeps things organized.
    How about an extension cord for all the electronics that need to be charged at night?
  11. vbarnett06

    vbarnett06 Earning My Ears

    Nov 18, 2007
    We always pack a small pack of laundry detergent and take half the amount of clothes we would otherwise.

    A few hours rest while washing clothes is most welcomed around my camp.

  12. scanne

    scanne <font color=blue>OK, I must have really small ears

    May 13, 2000
    I second the Immodium! In fact, I just bought it yesterday.

    I also bring advil (the liquid gels are great!), Tylenol for the kids, band aids, neosporin, blister block bandaids, spray deodorant for your feet - if you spray your feet before you put on your socks and shoes, your feel sweat less and you are less likely to get blisters, I SWEAR THIS WORKS!!! Chapstick, sunblock, sunblock sticks, aloe gel, gum (Disney does not sell it), ipod charger and ipod, hand held video game systems (Nintendo DS/gameboy) and CHARGERS! Extra batteries for misty fans (along with the fans, of course), tums or rolaids, hats, extra pair of shoes for each family member - you never know if you'll get caught in a major Florida rainstorm. We did last summer and our shoes took 2 days to dry out! Water shoes, beach towels...

    OK, I can't think of anything else at the moment. I like the over-the-door shoe organizer for toiletries. GREAT idea! And zip lock bags....awesome!
  13. buzzgirls&dad

    buzzgirls&dad DIS Veteran

    Dec 22, 2003
    extra sunglass- mine fell off on Star tours and a new pair cost $42
    small container to take meds into park-Excederine/Pepto
    new game/toy for plane ride
    homework/journal for kids-we go in Dec. doing HW on the plane is a great way to get it over and done with before the fun start
    Thank you cards/candy bags for the CMs

    That's all I can think of right now besides the basics.:)
  14. Disney Crazy Debbie

    Disney Crazy Debbie DIS Veteran

    Jan 2, 2006
    Everyone talks about a fold-up hamper but what we do because we are old campers (BSA) we seal each days clothes in the 2 gal ziplock bags. This works great for kids because when they pull out a bag it has underwear, shorts and top for one day. I put the clothes in and zip up except for about a couple of inches then I roll the bag to express the air and when the roll gets to end where the zipper is I finish zipping it up. You'd be surprised how compressed the bag can be. Also, this leaves the bag to put the dirty clothes back in so you're not mixing the clean with the dirty.

    Just an idea!
  15. BeckWhy

    BeckWhy <font color=FF99FF>The Tag Fairy prefers to remain

    Feb 19, 2003
    My personal packing list is very very very long. But my most commonly forgotten items include:

    Contact solution and case (along with my glasses for when I take my contacts out and an extra pair on contacts)
    Face lotion (I used one with a good SPH because sunscreen on my face makes my face break out)

    I just went on a mini holiday... we were lucky we had drove there because we could run to Target for whatever we forgot.
  16. Perditamarie

    Perditamarie DIS Veteran

    Jun 25, 2006
    Here's my must haves:

    * to-go coffe cups for use w/in room coffee maker (I also bring my own coffee and filters)

    * Cooler bag to bring drinks and snacks into the parks

    * rain ponchos
  17. GaSleepingBeautyFan

    GaSleepingBeautyFan DIS Veteran

    Aug 12, 2007
    A couple of big metal clips to keep curtains closed tight if you prefer a really dark room to sleep in.
  18. asmarykay

    asmarykay Mouseketeer

    Apr 13, 2006
    All great ideas! We like the pop up hampers (I take one for each person) - then if you want (or need) to wear something again you don't have to dig through the entire family's dirty clothes. It also helps the room stay picked up.

    I also bring pop up baskets for the desk/table top. Each person has one to keep their things in.

    Premade envelopes for Mousekeeping.

    Plastic hangers to hang up wet clothes in the bathroom
  19. Sawx04

    Sawx04 Yankee Fans Tell No Tales

    Apr 3, 2008
    Power strip...never enough outlets at the desk in the hotel room.

    Clothes hangers...bring em, use em, leave em.
  20. momof1+1+2

    momof1+1+2 Mouseketeer

    Jun 10, 2008

    Who exactly do you give these too? What kind of candy and again, who do you give it to?

    Another use for small ziplocks, a book I read suggested you put the kids left over food in them for munchies in the park! I would think just like fries or chips - something along those lines. :banana:
  21. coli

    coli Bermuda Chick

    Jun 20, 2003
    Bubble bath. :ccat:

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