Things to consider with teens (and their guests)


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Dec 3, 2019
So when we first joined DVC, we said when the kids reached a certain age they could bring a friend. YIKES! Well, we were fortunate to have our trip just before all the restrictions, but here are a few things I recommend. As we plan on doing this again, please let me know other things that worked out well for your teen group.
  • Plan to meet back for dinner so you spend SOME time together. I avoided too many formal sit down meals mostly for a reduction in time, but we did have at least one. The Rose & Crown dining experience was a big hit with the group, but was a bit expensive for teens since they pay adult $$, but don't have alcohol included that made the cost much more reasonable for the adults.
  • Counter Service Meal plan was a life saver. Rather than having to budget for appetites or make sure the kids had enough money to cover snacks, they had a certain number allocated and could manage themselves. Very easy and worked like a charm.
  • Drawing has moved the the FAR part of Animal Kingdom (you have to take Rafiki train), but it's cool there and it's a good down time activity without having to actually rest. I didn't have to use fast passes on it as the room is VERY large now, but I did to make sure we got the time we wanted. There is no priority seating for FP vs standing line as they're all lapboards, but this was something all ages liked and we did multiple days.
  • Life 360 or the like - I was very nervous about all the people and being responsible for someone else while down there. We had these on all the phones and the older group was allowed to park hop with them on and the younger teens were able to wander within the same park as us. We checked in occasionally and were very confident to always know where they were without having to constantly be asking for check-ins. Definitely helped the Mom anxiety!
These are just a few...What else do you recommend?


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Nov 25, 2005
—We loved taking our older kids +friends. We are rope drop people and would take the younger kids out early and let the teens sleep in and come to the park when they were ready and let them stay in the park late (with cell phones) and use transportation back to the resort. This obviously works better if your kids know how to “do Disney”
—We used gift cards for the kids so they could get food. This was pre magic bands. A $20 gift card and I didn’t have to worry about them eating or losing too much money. This tip is probably obsolete now that there are dining plans and magic bands though.
—And believe it or not, most times the teens would usually find us and tag along most the day. At least until they wanted to ride space mountain 10 times in a row!!
— we also insisted in meeting up for 1 meal, usually dinner
Yea it’s stressful but it always made for a fun trip!!!


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Apr 29, 2009
I don't have teens any more...

When taking others kids along to Disney... limit it to 1 friend...less fighting and arguing... especially with teenage girls...

Make sure that you have a conversation with the parent of the kid, so they know what they are responsible for cost wise( still pad your budget), and what is expect in the behavior department, and what type of clothing or other items will be needed...

We would have them meet us for lunch and dinner.... normally after dinner they would just want to hang out with us, always in the same park until they were over 16 and over... DD was very mature and we did allow her to charge to her magic band... if she wanted to buy something she had a limit, if it was over she had to ask to make sure it was okay...