The No Themed July Exercise Challenge! Because we are Free to do that! ;)

  • Twilight Sparkle

    DIS Veteran
    May 24, 2015
    95 minutes - some riding, some walking


    I was starting to think I wouldn't make goal this month, but the weather has been gorgeous the past few days and it just makes me want to be outside and active. I really hope the rest of the summer is like this.
  • Tasha228

    DIS Veteran
    Jan 3, 2013
    Congratulations on a great month, everyone!!

    Our final color changes have been updated.

    Congrats to @keiraliz , @PollyannaMom , and @Twilight Sparkle for meeting (and exceeding!) their goal and turning Freedom is Ours WISH Green!! :rainbow:

    Congrats @Shrfleen for turning Home of the Brave Purple!! :rainbow:

    And congrats to our team as a whole for reaching Proud to be an American Pink!! :rainbow:

    Great job, everyone!

    And thanks for taking on August @PollyannaMom ! :)


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