The No Themed July Exercise Challenge! Because we are Free to do that! ;)


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Jan 3, 2013
I see no one was up to taking on July, and I completely understand! So I am willing to...IF you guys don't mind that I won't be doing themes this month. I will be glad to update minutes, however, and will do our color changes to honor the 4th of July and our freedom (if you aren't American, I do apologize!!). :)

A reminder on how this works:

Welcome old friends and new to the July Exercise Challenge.

1) Choose a monthly goal in minutes.

Since July has 31 days here are some popular conversions, but it can be any other number you choose.
10 min/day - 310
15 min/day - 465
20 min/day - 620
30 min/day - 930
40 min/day - 1240
45 min/day - 1395
60 min/day - 1860

2) Post your active minutes towards that goal. You get to decide what exercise counts towards that goal. It can be anything you like.

The most fun and motivating part of these challenges are the
:rainbow:Color Changes:rainbow:
as you get closer to your goal.

10% of goal: Sea to Shining Sea Blue
25% of goal: Independence Orange
50% of goal: Home of the Brave Purple
75% of goal: Proud to be an American Pink
90% of goal: Stars and Stripes Red
100% of goal: Freedom is ours WISH Green

If you're discovering this later in the month feel free to join in as well.

This month I'll go for 1500 minutes.


Keiraliz 660/620 (106%)
PollyannaMom 660/620 (106%)

Scdak 695/650 (107%)

Shrfleen 470/930 (51%)
sophy1996 1130/1000 (113%)
Tasha228 484/1500 (32%)

Twilight Sparkle 1565/1300 (120%)

Team Total: 5664/6620 (86%)
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  • keiraliz

    Aug 4, 2013
    I'm in! I'm trying to be more active, and I'm hoping this will help keep me motivated. I'm actually kind of excited about the color changes!

    I'm aiming for 620 minutes. So far I've done 30 minutes.
  • Tasha228

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    Jan 3, 2013
    Welcome, everyone!! I hope everyone had a fantastic 4th holiday! It was one of the best I've had in years. Sooo hard to be off on a Tues. and have to come back to work on a Wed. though!

    Lots of us have reached our 1st color change of Sea to Shining Sea Blue, including @scdak , @sophy1996 , @Tasha228 , and @Twilight Sparkle and our team total as a whole! :rainbow:

    Congrats, everyone! Way to start off July! :)
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