The No Themed July Exercise Challenge! Because we are Free to do that! ;)

  • Tasha228

    DIS Veteran
    Jan 3, 2013
    Congrats to @keiraliz for reaching Stars and Stripes Red! Almost to goal!! :rainbow:

    And congrats to our first 2 challengers, @scdak and @sophy1996 that have made it to goal and earned Freedom is Ours WISH Green!! :rainbow:

    Have a great weekend everyone! I'll be back Monday to see all the new minutes rounding out the month! My ds and I have a 5k tonight. I've been taking it easy to prepare for it. I'm not on my best game right now but it's one we decided to do as a mother/son thing so it'll be worth it. Hoping not to cause any extra injury is all!! It's also possible we will have storms during it so the odds are definitely not on our side so here's hoping we get to do it at all!


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