The Most EPIC Pre-Trip Report - Group PTR for 2019!! List of TRIP REPORTS added

How should we spend a girls night out in WDW?

  • Jellyrolls

    Votes: 31 16.0%
  • Yehaw Bob

    Votes: 9 4.6%
  • Disney Springs

    Votes: 11 5.7%
  • Monorail Bar Crawl

    Votes: 100 51.5%
  • Lounge at AKL

    Votes: 7 3.6%
  • Raglan Road

    Votes: 4 2.1%
  • Watch Avengers 4

    Votes: 9 4.6%
  • Happily Ever After Dessert Party (no booze)

    Votes: 8 4.1%
  • Illuminations Dessert Party

    Votes: 13 6.7%
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May 27, 2009
The Most EPIC Pre-Trip Report of All Time!
a May 2019 Girls Trip

Starring: a whole bunch of DISboarders!

UPDATE MAY 2019: The Epic Trip is now over but you can re-live all of our amazing experiences on our individual TRs! Did we stick to our plan? What surprises were thrown in? Who got pixie-dusted? and who ended up looking like a drowned rat? Find out the answers to those burning questions and more!

Here is a list of Trip Reports that we know of so far, courtesy of @Lesley Wake who compiled them in her TR!
(will update the list as more TRs are introduced!)

Su-Lynn: We. Are. CHUNKY! Disboards Epic Girls Trip May 2019
"Enjoy these moments; they are precious" Lesley's Epic May TR
Caroline (She added it onto the end of a previous TR): Beware of Poachers and Look at the Little Gorillas - Epic added on
Ariane (another tacked onto the end): Pixie Dust or Pixie Mountain
Melinda (a Dining TR): How about a couple of EPIC quickies? Drs, that is!
Jenny: Sister Wives, First Times, and lots of Wine/An Epic Girls Trip
Liesa: The ABCs of an EPIC Girls' Trip! May, 2019
Ariana: So Much Freakin' Epicness
Fallon: Making New Friends - One Coffee Crisp at a time
Kelly: French Quarter to the Fantasy with an EPIC Cherry on Top

Honorary mention: Pkonz: Canadian Buffoon's Semi-Epic Vacation

Other titles of this PTR considered: The DISBoard Girls Trip (boring) or The No Steves Allowed except for Rogers Trip (long story), We're Only Doing This for the Trip Report (because, let's face it, the resulting trip report will be the MOST EPIC TRIP REPORT of all time. It will be the TRIP REPORT to end all trip reports :laughing:), but really, this trip is all about getting a whole bunch of us, who've been mostly DISboard friends for the longest time, out to Disney World together, in person, for one big EPIC girls weekend!


Who's going for sure? Well, we're all working on that! But so far here's the list of incredible ladies who are part of our group and are doing everything possible to make the MOST EPIC TRIP REPORT happen:

@chunkymonkey (me!), my sister Chunkysis, @pepperandchips, @fallonkendra , @amalone1013 , @Elevationist , @IowaTater , @KathyM2 , @Lesley Wake , @buzzrelly , @ArielSRL , @ariane37 , @MeghanEmily , @kastoney , @CatNipRules , @paradesintherain , @Jfsag123 , @cinderkelly , @disneyAndi14 , @StarWarsMomofGirls! , @LindseyJo22 , @missjackiemcg , @Vernie822 , @Jenny Sanders , @Tracy161 , @xlsm @Steppesister , @Monykalyn , @Mollydolly334 , @suse66 , @MissMaryQC , @amazingact21 , @Dugette , @Malia78 , @thumper* and there may be a few others as well...

Some of us have met before, some have not, but regardless of whether we know each other in real life, I think our love of Disney brings us all together!

Pictures and intros to follow! :thumbsup2

When are you going? Many dates were thrown around for 2019, a group poll was taken and it looks like an early May long weekend May 3rd - May 6th works out for most of us. Some of us even have reservations already! :thumbsup2 Some of us will be there for just the weekend, and some for longer. Some will be going down with family, friends, or significant others, but will be joining in on some of the group activities! Some of us may not be able to make it to the festivities but will be there in spirit. :hug:

Is there anything prettier than Epcot during Flower and Garden?

Or how about experiencing Star Wars day at DHS on May the 4th? :darth:

(some limited edition merchandise for Star Wars Day on May the 4th 2017)

How did this trip come about? We have to thank Fallon (@fallonkendra) who started off by posting a "Let's get together in WDW!" comment on Facebook, then getting serious and starting a small Facebook chat with a couple of us DISboarders, then it took off and before you know it, we have a group of around 25 of the most obsessive Disney-planner ladies you'll come across (ok maybe not @kastoney :laughing:). This only means this trip is gonna be the most
perfectly executed Disney Trip in the world...

...and then throw in a massive drinking and eating fest around the world at Epcot during Flower & Garden Festival.


Watch may get a little HOT...

Let's see if we can make it through the weekend still intact! :rotfl:

How are we planning it? Well we have a little Facebook group that we're doing most of the planning on, and so far it looks like it's working well for us! We've done some polls, put together a spreadsheet (thanks @pepperandchips!) and even put together a draft itinerary for the weekend (well, I kinda threw some stuff out there and no one has disagreed just yet :laughing:).

Where are you staying? We're keeping that up to everyone! However nice it would be to stay at the same resort, not everyone's budget and preferences will allow it. Some of us will be rooming with others, some may be using DVC points, some of us are Travel Agents and ready and willing to book for the team! We have a lot of resources available to us, and since we're all such experienced Disney planners I'm sure we will make it all work out even though we're coming from all over the country and Canada!

What do you have planned for that weekend? Nothing has been finalized yet as we are still a few months away from making ADRs (in November!), but the idea for the weekend was to do some group meals, and a big eat-and-drink-around-the-world in Epcot for Flower and Garden! That weekend also happens to start out with May the Fourth (Star Wars Day) so a few of us may sneak over to DHS to get our hands on some limited edition merchandise, and it's also Cinco de Mayo the day after, so I think some margaritas and a few orders of Mexico Pavilion's finest nachos is in order. :)

In addition, Avengers 4 also comes out that weekend so some of us were thinking of seeing it as a group. There are so many exciting things that will happen and I don't think we'll ever run out of stuff to do! Who knows, there might be a few characters, maybe a dessert party, a monorail bar crawl, and a couple of surprises thrown in there. :drinking:

If you have any suggestions for a great group activity, please pass them along!

Either way, no matter what we have planned, it is gonna be the most


:disrocks: :disrocks: :disrocks:

What is this PTR for? This PTR is basically to keep everyone up to do date on our latest plans - most of the planning will be done on our FB group, but we really wanted to create a PTR so many of you can follow along too. A lot of us ladies write trip reports on the DIS and so collectively we're gonna write this PTR and TR together! :grouphug:


Coming up I'll be posting some intro posts! If you'd like to ask us anything, feel free to do so, if you have any questions or comments for a specific person, just tag them in the post using @Username otherwise it'll be only me getting the notification :)

Stay tuned for the longest introduction post ever! :rotfl:

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May 27, 2009
(a work in progress)

There is no real order to this, I'm just going by the first pictures I see in our FB group and listing them as I get the information...

I'll begin with myself!

Name: Su-Lynn
DISBoard Name: @chunkymonkey
Dates going: April 30 - May 6
Resort for this trip: CSR one night then WDW Swan for 5
Rooming with: Chunkysis and DH, Steve
I'm from the NYC/NJ area and love Disney! Apparently I love it so much I've taken to writing about it non-stop when I'm not there! I became an AP holder in 2016 and I've never looked back. My husband Steve and I also bought DVC (Poly is home) in 2017. I planned a big family trip last August for 15 members of my family so I think a few more is just a piece of cake...amiright? LOL. I love food and love to eat so going to Epcot festivals is just icing on the cake. I'm very very excited to make this trip a reality as some of us have talked about it for a long time! Looks like it's finally happening and during my favorite time at Disney (Flower and Garden Festival)! I've met many of these fabulous ladies before and will be meeting others for the first time and I can't really is going to be EPIC! #dreamsDOcometrue

Name: Su-Queen (aka Chunkysis on Su-Lynn's TRs)
DISBoard Name: doesn't have one yet but it's about time she did.
Dates going: April 30 - May 6
Resort for this trip: Whatever Su-Lynn books
Rooming with: Chunkymonkey and her DH Steve. Always the 3rd wheel.
"Hi Everyone! I’m Su-Queen, Su-Lynn’s sister and I tag along on a lot of her Disney trips with her husband. I’m big on taking photos with as many characters I can.

Name: Renee
DISBoard Name: @ArielSRL
Dates going: May 3-5
Resort for this trip: WL
Rooming with: DH!
"I'm Renee, aka arielsrl! I'm a wife, mommy to two boys (4yrs - three trips to Disney & 6yrs - four trips to Disney), elementary teacher, and new travel agent. Self professed #Disnerd (aren't we all?). Love Star Wars, too. Been going to Disney since I was 3...I'm around trip 18+ at this point. New DVC owners (since Sept 2017). In June 2017, I used my mad planning skillz to make my DH a life long Disney fan! I have done a girls' trip with just my mom in Dec 2007 but that was before hubs and kids so I am way overdue!"

Name: Ariane
DISBoard Name: @ariane37
Dates going: May 1-6
Resort for this trip: WL
Rooming with: DH!
"Hi! I'm Ariane from NY which I mention because NY is cool
I despise the outdoors and the heat but don't hesitate to tolerate both for Disney of course. I joined the DIS in 2012 after years of going to WDW with my family as a child and a few trips with my boys and Steve, but with no pre-planning whatsoever up to that point! Now I am lucky enough to get to spend the majority of my time either on the DIS, planning our trips or clients' trips to Disney and other great places! Oh and as some of you know I recently became a Grandma; unbelievable given how young I look

Name: Kelly
DISBoard Name: @cinderkelly
Dates going: May 3-8
Resort for this trip: Split Stay - POFQ and Poly (home)
Rooming with: Most likely travelling with her oldest daughter and son but will join in on group activities!
"Hi! I’m Kelly- cinderkelly on Disboards. Live in Colorado, used to write TR’s but still lurk on other people’s reports. Known for over planning, changing plans and general Dis nerding!"

Name: Billie
DISBoard Name: @Elevationist
Dates going: May 1-7
Resort for this trip: WL
Rooming with: Iowatater (Sarah)
"Known on the DIS for: Scooter napping, facepaint sporting, day drinking, pants hating, cat loving, solo travelling, and trip report abandoning."

Name: Sarah
DISBoard Name: @IowaTater
Dates going: May 1-7
Resort for this trip: WL
Rooming with: Elevationist (Billie)
"Hey all! I'm Sarah - IowaTater on the boards. I love all things Disney and am obsessed with ToT, Haunted Mansion and Stitch. I don't get to visit my happy place as often as I would like (3 trips total in my whole life) but now in 2019, I have 2 trips planned (WDW and DCL)! Anything else you want to know, feel free to ask or stalk my previous PTRs!!"

Name: Lesley

DISBoard Name: @Lesley Wake
Dates going: May 2-7
Resort for this trip: Yacht Club
Rooming with: Molly and Caroline
"I'm Lesley, engineer, Los Angeles native, Disney lover, and super geek (priorities are: Star Wars, Disney, Marvel, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, etc). Go to Disneyland all the time; have had 2 trips to WDW and 2 more definitely planned, in addition to this one! I've gotten to meet several of you guys already - some at WDW, but most at DLR (so if any of you are making a trip out to Walt's original park, let me know)! I love Magic Shots and keep a running checklist! And I've recently become addicted to Minnie Ears, collecting 7 in 6 months! Oh, and I got to go to Disneyland Paris for the first time in June, which was really fun!"

Name: Ariella
DISBoard Name: @StarWarsMomofGirls!
Dates going: May 2-5
Resort for this trip: Yacht Club
Rooming with: Family!
"Hi Everyone! My name is Ariella and I am a full on Disney crazy person as everyone else here! My dis-boards name is starwarsmomofgirls. You will see mostly posts about my two girls. They are the inspiration for my dis-boards name... They love Star Wars! Which my DH Andy loves! We have been to Disney 6 times now but I don't like to count one as it was only 2 days, and feel like that barely counts. We live outside of Philadelphia in South Jersey, so if anyone is in the area let me know!"

(Ariella I'll definitely let you know if I'm ever in the area!! SW fans are always worth meeting up with!)

Name: Fallon
DISBoard Name: @fallonkendra
Dates going: ?
Resort for this trip: OKW
Rooming with: Most likely going down with her DH for an extended trip!
"I write trip reports and dining reports on both WDW and Disneyland, and am very good at abandoning PTR’s.

I’m also the other Canadian in the group. I was born and raised in a small town in New Brunswick, but now live in Edmonton, Alberta. I work as a welding inspector, so my Disney trips offer a nice break from hard hats and work boots.
Ps: I am a Disney Bride, I was married at Sea Breeze Point this past January

Name: Meghan
DISBoard Name: @MeghanEmily
Dates going: ?
Resort for this trip: ?
Rooming with: ?
"I’m Meghan, or MeghanEmily on the boards. I’m an Eastern Canadian Speech-Language Pathology student who got married last year at Epcot. I mostly write and read WDW trip reports, but occasionally I dabble in PTRs.
Oh, and I have a brain condition—which I will absolutely use as an excuse for any ride I deem "too intense" (i.e. too scary!)—and also a bunch of silly dietary restrictions. Disney is one of the best places in the world for somebody with my types of restrictions to travel! They're so accommodating and awesome.
(Unfortunately Meghan will not be able to make it down to WDW in May)

Name: Melinda
DISBoard Name: @pepperandchips
Dates going: ?
Resort for this trip: Poly
Rooming with: DH
I'm Melinda! If you don't know me from the boards, I probably know you from lurking on your reports. Please excuse the inevitable squealing that I'm sure will occur when I get to meet each of you and finally say hi and properly thank you for the hours of help that you've given me in helping plan my trips to my happy place. I love Animal Kingdom, signature dining, the Country Bear Jamboree, sampling every beer that Disney decides to sell, riding the Peoplemover ad nauseum, the WDW "Lodges", forcing other people to sit on the side of the log nearest Splash Mountain's evil waterfall-trap, dark rides, the Burudika Band, and afternoon nap breaks. I write really slow dining reports and am trying my hand at TRs for the first time. I am 99% sure I'm in on the May trip and cannot wait to meet you all!"

Name: Jackie
DISBoard Name: @missjackiemcg
Dates going:
Resort for this trip:
Rooming with:
"I'm a kindergarten teacher by day and work in retail at a Hallmark store part time. I love spending time with my soon to be 9 year old, Jimmy, and husband, Rob, and giving all my money to Disney whenever possible."

Name: Kari
DISBoard Name: @kastoney
Dates going: May 3-6
Resort for this trip: WL
Rooming with: Kelly @buzzrelly
"Hi there! I'm Kari, kastoney on the DIS, and no other social media presence because I live in the stone age. I'm a native Washingtonian who as cliche as it gets works for the government in an immensely stressful career. Disney is my happy place and stress reliever, though in very un-dis form I'm not much of a planner. My family and I are all about the food so you'll most often find me in the dining boards talking about drinks, food, and did I mention drinks. Speaking of family I have an amazing hubby who is as Disney obsessed as I and we're raising our own little future Diser who is the highlight of my dining reports. Not sure if I can make the trip (see that whole non-planner thing) but if I can be prepared for a sassy 7 year old to stow away in my luggage. But don't worry her name isn't Steve "

Name: Caroline
DISBoard Name: @disneyAndi14
Dates going: May 1-7
Resort for this trip: Yacht Club
Rooming with: Molly & Lesley
"Hi, my name is Caroline, I love WDW, travel with my sweet daughter Andi, we have both been about 20 times now. I discovered the Dis and love reading DR, TR, and PTR’s on there. I have written a few of each! I have learned so much on the Dis and met some great people in person and virtually."

Name: Kara
DISBoard Name: @paradesintherain
Dates going: May 1-7
Resort for this trip: WL
Rooming with: Dad
"I call myself Kara on the Dis My username is Paradesintherain and I've written 2 trip reports, and I'm in the middle of a third. I haven't decided whether I can make it to the meet, but it sounds really fun and I figured out my schedule in May and the dates fall on my normal 8 days off work (nurse perks) so it seems kind of fated, right...."

Name: Kelley
DISBoard Name: @Jfsag123
Dates going: ?
Resort for this trip: ?
Rooming with: ?
"Hey y'all! I'm jfsag123 on The Dis. I hate my username, but they never responded to my request to change it. It stands for just for s***s and giggles, which is what I intended my Dis membership to be when I joined in 2013. We were planning our "once in a lifetime trip" and I thought I'd just pop on and get some advice. Five years later and we're going on trip #4 next week (!!!), went to Disneyland last summer, and are going to Disneyland again in November - fully addicted and super excited about the idea of a meet-up! I literally just finished the last requirement for my Ph.D. today and I am ready to party!

Name: Kelly
DISBoard Name: @buzzrelly
Dates going: May 3-6
Resort for this trip: WL
Rooming with: Kari
"I'm Kelly, aka Buzzrelly on Disboards, Like you all, I love all things Disney. I just got back from my 12th (I think??) trip and have many more future trips planned. I'm a DVC member and my home resorts are BLT and The Polynesian. I wish I had enough points to get a grand villa for this trip, but alas, I am completely out for the next year! I love writing Trip Reports, but don't look for me in the Dining Reports as my tastes end to be rather plain…and plus, I often forget to photograph my food! My dream is to go to Disneyland someday, so maybe we'll have to make that our next EPIC DisMeet in 2020!"

Name: Ashley
DISBoard Name: @Vernie822
Dates going: ?
Resort for this trip: ?
Rooming with: ?
"I’m Ashley, aka Vernie822 on the DisBoards. I’m from Pittsburgh originally, but I now live in Fort Mill, South Carolina, just outside Charlotte. I am a life insurance actuary for a reinsurance company. My family took a handful of trips when I was a kid, and my husband and I took our first trip together in September 2014. We’ve been on quite a few trips together since then, especially now that we’re within driving distance. My favorite thing to do is stroll the world showcase with an adult beverage... or two!"

(Unfortunately Ashley will not be joining us on the trip because she has better stuff to have a baby! Congrats Ashley from all of us girls to you and your hubby!)

Name: Alyssa
DISBoard Name: @amalone1013
Dates going: ?
Resort for this trip: ?
Rooming with: ?
"Hi Everyone! I'm Alyssa!
I stumbled across the Dis when planning my wedding. I was planning a two week Disneymoon, as neither of us had been to WDW... but then we figured, why not have a destination wedding and drag those we love through the parks?
So we did! Currently writing a TR for that. I figured out that APs would make it cheaper to go scout wedding locations... so then we went four times over the year!
I never got to go to the Disney parks as a kid, and even though I secretly wanted to go still, I kind of figured it would be silly as an adult... until my then boyfriend suggested Disneyland for our first vacation in 2015! Then I was hooked We also got engaged on that trip, and have been back there two more times. Most of you I 'met' through the boards when reading TRs and dining reviews when planning our Disneymoon.
You might find me cruising the Nile river (it goes on for niles and niles and niles...) or hanging out where the flowers croon I'm also guilty of wandering World Showcase in search of snacks/drinks from dining reviews, and stopping Zack (my partner in crime) for photos. And if you ask the family, I also schedule bathroom breaks
Zack is known for dragging me through the left side of Space Mountain (or the Matterhorn) over and over each trip, and taking his dad on rides he can't handle! We'll be back in September celebrating our first anniversary!"

Name: Tracy
DISBoard Name: @Tracy161
Dates going: ?
Resort for this trip: ?
Rooming with: ?
"Hi! I’m Tracy... Tracy161 on the Dis. So excited about this! I live in upstate New York and work at a library. I’m also a part time grad student three courses away from graduation! Beyond my love of Disney, I love Halloween, Star Wars, and travel. I know most of you but am excited to meet new friends, too!"
(Unfortunately due to grad school, Tracy will not be able to join us for this trip. We wish her the best of luck and we look forward to seeing her on subsequent trips!)

Name: Jenny
DISBoard name: @Jenny Sanders
Dates going: May 2-6
Resort for this trip: Pop Century and WL
"Hi! I’m Jenny. My husband is Joe and we have 4 kids, Matt (26), Tim (22), and the twins, Ali and Ash (18). I love The Goo Goo Dolls, Dooney and Burke and of course Disney World. My favorite park is Magic Kingdom. My favorite character is Robin Hood. My favorite ride is a toss up between POTC and Peter Pan’s Flight. My favorite resort is Wilderness Lodge with the Contemporary close behind..."

Name: Michelle
DISBoard name: @CatNipRules
Dates going: Open to any dates
Resort for this trip: ?
"Disney lover extraordinaire. Planner of all things Disney related. Almost obsessive in my plans."

Name: Kathy
DISBoard name: @KathyM2
Dates going: ?
Resort for this trip: ?

"Hi everyone!! I really don't know if it will be feasible for me to attend this epic trip, though I hope to try because it seems like it will be so much fun! I am a huge Disney fan and sporadic DIS user (I am heavily into it when I know a trip is coming...but I find it makes me pine so much when I don't have a trip on the horizon that it's hard lol) Have been going to Disney my whole life but now really my daughter (12) and I are the only ones who are still obsessed!! Last trip was August 2017 with DD. Hoping to go back sometime soon!! Fave Park: MK with fave ride Peoplemover too lol. Oh and...last year I chicken exited the Mine train."
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May 27, 2009
Introductions (continued)

Name: Mary
DISBoard name: @MissMaryQC

Dates going: ?
Resort for this trip: ?
"My name is Mary, missmaryqc in the DIS, I'm a mom, wife and Disney obsessed travel Agent, in that order! I'm a former Floridian so Walt Disney World was basically my backyard. I fondly remember when my mom would pull us from school on a Thursday and we'd drive up for the weekend; long before ADRs and FP, even legacy ones! I'm actively passing the Disney love onto my soon to be 4 year old, while desperately trying to get DH to love it too; currently he loves Wilderness Lodge and Animal Kingdom, it's a start! Hopefully I can move my February trip to May and join you gals for some fun! TTFN!

Name: Monica
DISBoard name: @Monykalyn
Dates going: ?
Resort for this trip: ?
"Hey all- I’ve been reading many of your trip reports for awhile. Finally got to meet a couple this past year.
Was an Annual pass holder this past year (expires aug 6
). My oldest did the college program in fall last year and currently there for the summer. This pic is from my birthday in March -happened because that DD “missed Disney” so her and I did a quick trip. I borrowed from her collection of ears. We also became annual pass holders at Universal in June.
I figure I’m gonna be really missing Disney by May so why not plan now to go back? Also- Flower&Garden is my favorite festival.
Dis name: monykalyn.
Fave park-toss up Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom."

Name: Liesa
DISBoards Name: @Steppesister
Dates Going: Most likely May 3- 9
Resort for this trip: Coronado Springs
Rooming with: Mom, Karilynn, and Jennifer

My name is Liesa and I call Salem, Oregon home. I am an RN doing post-anesthesia care- a job I love intensely. I’ve loved Disney my entire life and have gone to Disney parks… forever. I was a cast member briefly in college, then took a trip hiatus while my family and I lived and worked in Central Asia. I write the "ABC series Trip Reports" on the DIS and tend to focus of the creative detailing and artistry of the parks and am known to pull off ridiculous (ly fun) stunts such as Drinking My Way Through the Entire Alphabet on a single trip, Shopping Around the World with specific criteria, and making up silly scavenger hunts for myself to photograph. You’ll usually find me in the parks having lost my camera (and found it by some miracle, not once or even twice on a single trip), forgotten to pack underwear, or any other number of doofus moves which makes for more than a few Silly Stories with Steppe. Let’s make some memories, Girls!!!!!!

Name: Karilynn (car--eee-lynn)
DISBoards Name: @Malia78
Dates Going: Most likely May 1-7
Resort for this trip: Coronado Springs
Rooming with: Possibly Liesa and her mom at CSR

Hi everyone! My name is Karilynn (car--eee-lynn). I usually go by Kari but to reduce confusion since there are two is us, Karilynn works. I grew up with Disney in the home through books and music, but my passion exploded with the release of The Little Mermaid which coincided with a pivotal point in my life. I am a mad Disney collector and love to travel--the parks, DCL and ABD all have their hooks in me

I've had the pleasure to meet Liesa and Su-Lynn and look forward to meeting 3D people to match the names and faces of those whose trip reports have entertained me for years.
And I also think I may find a partner in crime when it comes to character photos--here's to you ChunkySis

DISBoards Name: @thumper*
Dates Going: Most likely from end of April to beginning of May.
Resort for this trip: Hubby

I'm Glenda and I'm known on the Dis as Thumper. Some of you may know me from my most recent TR. The 999'th Ghost stole my bra. One of my favorite things to do is drink around Disney. I don't have any one favorite character or movie but am pretty partial to the Fab 5 and of course Daisy should be considered the spectacular sixth.
We only make it to Disney every few years with our last visit in December. We weren't planning on returning until 2021 for the big 50'th. Then I got so excited to get a chance to meet so many of my favorite Dissers that I had to plan to attend this Epic girls only trip.
When discussing this with DH he surprised me with how interested he was. It appears that he's fine with me going as long as he can come too. No worriers he won't be attending the girls only meet ups. Maybe he can meet up with the other guys or he'll be fine on his own. Can't wait to get to know you all!

Name: Ariana
DISboard Name: @Pluto0809
Dates Going: May 2-6
Resort for this trip: Pop Century
Hello! I'm a bit late to this party but I decided I couldn't miss out on this epic trip. I'm Ariana and my DIS name is pluto0809. If you can't tell by my picture, DIS name and Facebook profile picture, I'm a huge Pluto fan. I've been married to my husband Jim for almost 20 years and we live just north of Atlanta, GA. We don't have kids although we do consider our 4 dogs as our kids.

DISBoard Name: @Chrystmasangel
Dates going: May 3 - 6
Resort for this trip: Coronado Springs
Rooming with: Steppesister, Mom Steppesister, and Malia78
I am from the good ole state of Ohio. If Ohio was a dart board, I would live in the bullseye of it. I have been in love with Disney since my Aunt first took me when I was 15 after I was diagnosed with Cancer! That one trip, and I was addicted. My husband (Reuben) and I JUST celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary last Thursday (October 17th) and I have 3 kids, Jacob (23), Savannah (19), and Trevor (16). They all love Disney as well, but none of them seem to be obsessed like me. I love to craft and sew. I design and make costumes every year for the musical at our junior high and recently have just been hired to do the costumes for a musical production at our local theater. I also dabble in set design and floral design. I am currently a full-time student studying to be a Medical Lab Tech. My last day of class will actually be May 1st and I will be graduating on the Wednesday after I return from this trip. I am feeling a little guilty about leaving the family behind but am looking so forward to this trip.
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  • paradesintherain

    DIS Veteran
    Apr 17, 2013
    I was reading the intro post with such concentration that I forgot to do quotes until...

    In addition, Avengers 4 also comes out that weekend so some of us were thinking of seeing it as a group.
    I didn't even realize it was that weekend! I would for sure be down to watch with everyone... and discuss incessantly afterward.

    I'm still undecided, but this makes me really want to just go ahead and commit...


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