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    can someone tell me exactlly what can you in the parks for vmk in the park the quest and the vip tour...What tour is the vip tour?

    My family is going into dl in a week, we want to make sure we can get all the vmk stuff we can get!!
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    When you go to the Innoventions Building in Tomorrowland there is a VMK Booth set up out front. There are three in-park quests (a fourth will hopefully be available when you go, but will have to be printed from home first). The quest: you get a card with trivia questions on it for different lands (Fantasylad, Adventureland and Frontierland). When you are done, return to the VMK booth and see if you got them right. There are prizes cards with codes given for different levels that you get right. CMs seem willing to help and if you don't get them all right you can get another card and do it until you do get them all right.

    Should you get all three quests 100% correct you are able to go on the VIP Tour. The tour takes you around the park giving different historical facts, etc. (I hear it is fun for any age and you don't have to love VMK to enjoy the tour.) During the tour you get first in line for Big Thunder, Haunted Mansion and the Jungle Cruise. During the tour, as well, the CM will ask questions about what s/he just talked about and those that get it right get more reward cards.

    This is all free, don't forget.

    See my list that I posted here called In-Park Game Card List for a list of the reward cards available.

    Hope that helps. I ma going next week to DL so will go on the quest for the first time myself :earsboy:
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    The Magic Kingdom in Disneyworld FL

    On Main Street you'll see a Cinema sight saying Now playing VMK.
    Go in there and there will be quest books for Fantasyland, Adventurerland and Frontierland.

    You turn in all 3 quests you'll receive a wristband , cards with codes and a card for the Tour.

    You have to go to City Hall to signup for your tour.


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