The ABC's of Sauntering Through WDW- J is for: Just Like That, It's Judiciously Ended! (4/23)


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Mar 12, 2008
The site I found said you can only use ad block on a computer. These days I have so little time at the computer. Most of my DIS time is on the phone.

Me, my mom, and Fran will share, he wont get as many tastes if he doesn't want to share!

Except now we have to ask some tenants to leave. The new ones told me the ones upstairs fight, loudly. :sad2:

I just made my clothes list while I'm having my pedicure.

Oh no! Not again! :scared1: I've actually been having a lot of bloody noses too. The doc said to get Calendula cream and put it on a Q-tip and put it inside my nose. Evidently the cold weather dries up the sinuses and they bleed. :rolleyes2

I've never heard of it either. I'm going to have to look that up after this!

I approve, but you're right needs more basil.

Sounds delicious!

Looks good!

It's your last night, live it up!
Not a plugin...its a separate app for the phone called adblockbrowser. Works quite well including those annoying ones on the dis. ;)
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Oct 13, 2005
Liesa just wanted to pipe in and let you know I'm reading and trying to get caught up. I'm on page 48. Soooo much good reading so far. We really need to get our kids together. I know I've said it before but Danielle, Anara and Zach seem to have a lot in common. Danielle went to a Kpop concert this past summer, BTS.


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Oct 13, 2005
OMG! I'm finally caught up! Do I get a prize?

If not I still have really enjoyed your trip. I'm sorry it's coming to an end. But I'm signed on for the new report too.

The very first time I went to DW with DH it was just the 2 of us for a weekend trip he won through work. We didn't want to burn a ticket so we went to DTD first. Once he saw that and the resort he was sold. We had not even been into a park yet. It's pretty much a tradition to start with DTD too. We usually drive and it's too late to hit a park. Of course DH is a creature of habit too. It's very hard to get him to try new things. :sad2: Which doesn't help since there is always something new in Disney.
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    Sep 3, 2008
    There are 2 patios for eating and I requested to be seated on the one that is against the water. The evening had cooled down and it was beautifully pleasant outside. I did end up having to wait almost 40 minutes for a table, but it was worth the wait! I was right where I could watch the amphicars come and go while I ate.
    Sounds like a perfect spot!

    and let me enjoy my bread, which came with bruschetta, and my iced tea. I'm usually pretty careful to not load up on bread saving room for the main stuff. But I can say it was absolutely delicious. Warm, crusty and mmm!!
    That Caprese salad and gorgeous bread sound scrumptious!!

    It was pretty late by the time I finished up but I was thrilled I'd found a place that I really love now. I don't think I'd go there every trip simply because DTD has so many good places to offer, but I was quite impressed with my discovery and would totally recommend it to anyone for a good plate of Italian comfort food in a casual, relaxing space.
    Tucking that recommendation away for next week, thanks!


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    Oct 13, 2005
    Only by a few months. Actually...only by a week...I was there last weekend loading up the uhaul. @vamassey1 if you don't mind me asking, what brings/brought you to Atlanta?
    I brought my youngest here for Disney character tryouts. She has applied for the Disney College Program. She wasn’t chosen for a face character so now she waits to see if she gets an offer to be a “friend” of a costume character. I’m very proud of her for putting herself out there and going for it. We’re driving back home this morning.


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    Dec 27, 2013
    Ooh great review! We've been curious about this place for a while now, after I read a review from an allergy-friendly blogger-type that I follow online posted some photos of tasty-looking gluten free noms. Glad it didn't disappoint! I think you're right that it's not very well-known, which seems like a shame after your review.
    I think it just may take time to gain attention. The venue and food certainly is wow enough to command the attention it deserves. I think it's just great for the view alone.