The ABC's of Sauntering Through WDW- J is for: Just Like That, It's Judiciously Ended! (4/23)


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Dec 27, 2013
A is for: Alphabetical Adventuring

Welcome, welcome, One and All!! I extend a hearty invitation to friends old and new to join me on another Journey Through the Disney Parks Alphabetical Style!

This is a PTR until October 1st when I head to Disney again for a shorter than usual trip. I always say, it's never too early to get the party started!!! So, consider this the beginning of a Trip Report with a Happy Hour starter. ;)

My name is Liesa in real life and I have been writing TR’s since 2008. For those of you whom I’ve known for quite a while, you know my life has been one crazy adventure after another. I love to make memories and friends along the way and hope this place serves as a way for us to get to know each other better as I share where the “Steppes” take me. A note to lurkers: please, don’t be shy! We enjoy everyone’s company here and would love for you to join in the conversation wherever that may lead. If you are interested in past TRs from both DLR and WDW, there are links in my sig. I also recently returned from W. Africa and wrote all about it "Another Steppe Into Adventure".

If you are looking for a chronological-style Trip Report, this isn’t the one for you. I tend to present my wanderings in a topical fashion and this time, following my common theme of The ABC’s of Trip Reporting, I have crafted a, what I really hope to be, fun new way of touring through the Disney parks and presenting my latest adventures to you. But, I will save that for a future chapter. My goal is to update weekly from now until I leave. But goals are just that.

So, what can I tell you about myself so you can feel more connected to me as your authoress? I am a young-at-heart, middle-aged RN with 5 great kids, mostly grown. My eldest is serving in the Army in Guam with the cutest, most adorable baby on the planet. And yes, I just said good-bye to her (Alice) and her mommy as they fly back to daddy tomorrow. My eldest daughter, who has been known on rare occasions to visit the DIS, is a nurse who works at the same surgical center as I do. Zach, my 20 year-old 4th is still trying to find direction and is somewhat challenged... enough that it may take a while to figure things out. My youngest (another girl) is 16 and just left with my DIL and Alice to spend 7 weeks in Guam. She is my child with an adventuring heart. She likely got that from being born and raised in Crapistan. Our family lived in Central Asia for almost 10 years doing community development before moving back in 2010.

My latest challenge is my endeavor to become a Granny Private Pilot. I passed my FAA written exam a few months ago but am finding it difficult to find the time to get myself up in the air to get my 50+ of mandatory flight time to take my check ride. Like I said, goals are goals. I’ll get there; just taking my time to do it. (See my avatar.)

Let’ see… I live in Salem, Oregon where it rains incessantly. If it’s not raining, it’s burning. I enjoy planning Disney trips (duh), playing board games, live music, and am one of the lucky ones who can genuinely say I love my job. I like to cook, dance, and write. I also enjoy photography. Hopefully, my alphabetical journey through Disney will be captured “on film” in a way that you will all enjoy. But more on that later….

Now, some random facts just for kicks and giggles:
  • I’ve stayed at: POR, AKL, Poly, Pop, AoA, and Ft. Wilderness
  • I relate most to: Tinkerbelle (she's sassy and can fly)
  • My favorite park is: Animal Kingdom followed by EPCOT
  • My favorite rides are: ToT, HM, FoP, EE, and PoTC
  • My favorite snack is: Rice Cream in the Norway Pavilion
  • My favorite restaurant is: Tiffins
  • I was a CM at Disneyland for a year in college where I was a hostess in the Blue Bayou.
  • I enjoy DISMeets!
  • I don’t enjoy parades except Boo to You and the MSEP.
  • My favorite nighttime show is Hallowishes; I like the other fireworks but can skip the ones in the other parks and be okay.

And now, without further ado, and one last plea to join in and keep me company, I give you…

The ABCs of Sauntering Through Disney
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Dec 27, 2013
A is for: Alphabetical Adventureing- Up there ^^

B is for: (Disney) BOUNDING!

C is for: Can Steppe Find Them All??

D is for: Dang Awesome Play Books!

E is for: EPCOT-Style Gastric Stretching!

F is for: Food Flight!!

G is for: Getting Close and Getting Stuff Done!

H is for: Has Tickets, Will Travel!

I is for: Is it REALLY Over?! (or are we just getting started?)

J is for: Just Getting Started!

K is for: Kingdom Scavenger Hunt Kickoff!!

L is for: Let Me Be Your Guide!

M is for: Making Merry at Mickey's Halloween Bash

2 Parts ^^

N is for: No End to the Noshing!

O is for: Overindulgent Oinkification of Ordered Offerings!

P is for: Painfully Problematic (Annual) Pass Purchase

Q is for: Quaintly Quiet (French) Quarters

R is for: Retro Reconnaissance Romp- DHS Alphabet Scavenger Hunt Pt. 1

S is for: Second Sampling of Scavenger Scouring- DHS Alphabet Scavenger Hunt Pt. 2

T is for: The Edison!

U is for: Unprecedented, Unusual, Unfortunate Animal Kingdom Spectacle

V is for:Very Elegant Victuals with a View!

W is for: Wet, Wonderful, Watery World!

X is for: eXcellent eXercise in Alphabetical Hunting!- Pt. 1

X is for: eXcellent eXercise in Alphabetical Hunting- Pt. 2

Y? Because I Like You!

Pt. 2 of Y? Because I Like You! is the next post after that. ;)

Z is for: Zealous Dining with a Touch of Zen!

A is for: Animal Kingdom Saunterings

B is for: BEST Browsing!

C is for: Crusty Loaves, Colorful Caprese, and Completely Surprised!

D is for: Drinks in My Favorite Dive (Bell)

E is for: EPCOT's Alphabetical Treasures!

F is for: Fourteen Minus One Limericks
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Nov 6, 2010
I'm here and can't wait to follow along!

*Edited to add: I'm first?! I never thought that would happen on a Steppe report! Guess living in a completely different time zone paid off.:rotfl:*
  • pkondz

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    Mar 9, 2007
    Here! But haven't even read it yet! But will later and looking forward to the TR!
    (As you know, I don't comment much on PTRs... but following. :))
  • docsoliday1

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    Mar 12, 2008
    I'm joining in...but as I have only FOUR DAYS!!!! before my long overdue trip to our Happy Place, I may be absent for a while.

    I am interested to see how sauntering compares to sashaying...
    Sauntering is vastly superior to everyone except a certain alien loving guy from Winnipeg (Winnipegian?) we know. I like him...he's a nice guy, but one day, maybe, he'll see the error in his ways. Maybe sashaying is just for baboons (err buffoons). :lmao: :rotfl2:
  • pkondz

    . . Dis Dad #797 . . Hoping to get lucky
    Mar 9, 2007
    Sauntering is vastly superior to everyone except a certain alien loving guy from Winnipeg (Winnipegian?) we know. I like him...he's a nice guy, but one day, maybe, he'll see the error in his ways. Maybe sashaying is just for baboons (err buffoons). :lmao: :rotfl2:
    fyi.... Pegger.

    You're welcome.

    fyi... you're wrong.


    Maybe sashaying is just for baboons (err buffoons). :lmao: :rotfl2:

    Okay, that was funny.

    Princess Leia

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    Feb 15, 2011
    I'm here - :wave: ready to hear about your plans for your next adventure. That's fantastic that Alice came to visit - I'm sure she is absolutely adorable.




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