Thanks To Tiffany


Jul 11, 2000
I just wanted to start a separate thread and THANK Tiffany for her wonderful tip that helped me almost double the length of our October trip and add a few days to venture over to Universal, Sea World and Kennedy Space Center :D I figure since I've seen posts about Columbus Day weekend being extremely crowded we'd make better use of those days by trying a few other attractions.

Thanks So Much for posting Tiffany! I had posted about my success and had second thoughts about posting when people started second guessing and worse :( the validity of the 49.00 rate.

Our trip dates are Sept. 30 thru October 10th! Hope everyone has a GREAT Trip! Especially Tiffany and her family/friends! :D


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Thank You from me and my family too! :D

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Wow, A thank you thread. You are most welcome. I found this board a while back and I think it is a great place for those of us that enjoy Disney to come and share information. I am glad that I was able to help fellow WDW travelers save money and that I made a positive impact on these boards. Thank you again for starting this seperate thread.

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