Thanks for the kindness, mind if I stay?


<font color=olive>Why can't a 42 yr old man put hi
Jun 7, 2001
What a nice group! Thank you! I have to say, I don't post often but I always read! I hope you are all having a happy and especially healthy new year! Thanks again!
Pull up a chair and stay a while. The more the merrier.
Glad you found us! I love this board and find I spend more time over here than anywhere else on the DIS! Everyone is so helpful and nice!
Enjoy your New Year!
Welcome to our little corner of the DIS! We are glad to have you here. :D
Welcome!! You will enjoy your visits!
Hi!! :wave: Glad you found us...pull up a piece of table and join our crop!! ;)
;) Thanks I will!!!!! Thank you all for the if I can stop procrastinating and get my act together to scrap!


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