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Discussion in 'DVC Member Services' started by eeyoresmom, Jan 5, 2010.

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    Hi everyone. I tried searching, but came up with nothing. What do you think of HH in February? Too cold to enjoy the resort? I've been really wanting to try HH with the family, but can't get everyone's schedule to co-ordinate. I was thinking of trying to book a few nights in mid February, but realize it may have to wait until next year. We'll be bringing our 2 teens. Most of the posts I've read have talked about activities for younger kids, I'm a little worried teens would be bored???? Thanks for any input:)
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    One advantage of February is that it's really off-off season at the resort, so what few teens are there can get the pool table in Big Murgie's Den fairly easily. I remember the year we went in February, the couple of teenagers there practically lived on that pool table. I went on a Dolphin tour with a family with a little one about 2 yo. Other than that, since we don't have teens or young ones any more, I don't really remember what activities thay had. It seems there were the usual number of activities, but no (or only 1) campfire.

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