Taking Water Bottles to the Parks????

Mickey Mom

Jan 31, 2001
Being in Florida everyone knows of the need for water. My question is, how do you carry your water bottle into the park? Everyone in my family loves to eat ice cubes in the parks, so I pack a tupperware container and fill it with ice from the hotel room every morning before we leave. My problem is, if I put it into my bag, the container sweats and gets my camera, etc all wet. I have tried to put my camera and other things in ziploc bags. I have also thought about wrapping the ice container with a towel. I have also searched the malls for some kind of water bottle that I can hook on my belt. Any suggestions???? I purchased a new bag (18" x 24"---from a luggage store) and I am trying to figure out how to pack everything. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks! :cool:
We were at Disney last week. Before the trip we purchased a fanny pack for DH to carry that had two water bottles attached. The pack was large enough to pack snacks in for the day and the water bottles were a life saver. I carried a smaller pack with the camera. With both packs we had plenty of room for everything. We found the large pack at Kmart and best of all it was on clearance for $8. I also saw similar packs at Target but with only one water bottle.

Hope this helps.
insulated bottle holders that have shoulder straps! I got them at Toys-R-Us two years ago. I've seen them all over the place since then. (Target, K-Mart, etc.)

I bought different bottles for them though, because ice didn't fit into the tops of the water bottles. I bought tupperwear water bottles with big flip top type lids that unscrew to put ice in.



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Last year before our trip I found waterbottles at Walmart in the camping section, they had a large opening that would fit icecubes and an insulated cover with a long strap. Every day we filled the bottles to the top with ice then the rest with water. Everyone had there own bottle, they even came in two sizes, so the kids got the smaller size so they could carry their own.

Thanks for your ideas. I was at Target (in Pgh, PA) last week and didn't see any, but maybe I was in the wrong department. I will check further. I was also at Toys R Us and they had a water bottle with a carrying strap, but it was small and I don't think that I could even get an ice cube in thru the top. I will keep checking our local stores. Thanks for responding.
Target has waist packs with double water bottles. Didn't remember the price because I was looking for the Coleman Kids' waistpacks with one bottle. They are on the same aisle as the backpacks and camping odds/ends, plastic ponchos, etc.

Our store (Lansing MI) has them to one end of the long aisle - the stores are mostly set up the same. Backpacks, fanny packs, water bottles in a wrap type thing with a strap and the double bottle waistpacks on one side and the camping stuff on the other. The bottles are on either side of the pouch, it looks like something hikers would use but somewhat resembles a cummerbund.

They also have a couple of different sizes of backpacks with plastic bladder inside and a hose which look rather interesting to say the least!
I was shopping today in Target and found the insulated water bottles with straps (both shoulder strap and a loop for belt/fanny pack strap) in the seasonal section. They are replacing the Easter merchandise with summer stuff and they had two different sizes of bottles to choose from. I bought one for $2.99... good deal! :)

I have found that even the insulated bottle holders with straps sweat. Any hints on how to avoid this?

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I am also from PA and just bought my kids waterbottles that attach to their bicycles (or could attach to belt hoops) at Walmart in the bicycle section. They have insultated covers.
We already have 2 Brita water bottles in the closet ready to take with us in Oct. Of course on our 7 long weekend trips this summer we will also use them.
something fun you could consider if you want a good souvenir also, is WDW sells those cute water bottle straps.
there's a different one at each park.
the end loops onto the top of the water bottle and tightens, and then you just carry it like a camera strap.

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Ditto what ACH just posted.

Those straps are great! Each child gets to carry their own bottle and they can wear it across the chest or over the shoulder. simple, simple, simple! I think they were around $4.00;)
We like to freeze our water bottles, about 3/4 full in the summer 1/4 full in the winter, so that we keep cold water for a very long time. We also use bottle covers, not insulated exactly, but to keep the sweat collected. We have never had a problem with it getting other items wet. My daughter uses it for gymnastics and it stays frozen enough in the gym through 4 hours of gymnastics. We used it last year in WDW and the water stayed cold for the whole time we were at the parks (we break at mid day). We take 2 sets so one is freezing while we are using the other one.



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